Monday, 22nd April 2024

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Myongji High School held a practice match with Korea University and Kyungbok High School at Hwajeong Gymnasium in Korea University last week.

The school focused on boosting the sense of play ahead of the upcoming “61st Chungye Federation match” (in Haenam, March 7-15).

In particular, Park Ji-sung (183 centimeters), a third-year guard at Myeongji High School, paid attention to awakening the sense that he lacked during the winter training.

“I couldn’t complete the winter training due to my injury. I felt physically burdened as my physical condition did not improve yet. I feel like I am moving my body and mind separately,” Park said during the practice match.

“It was the first real game in almost two months. I was very nervous, and I’m sorry that I couldn’t take advantage of many chances,” he added.

Park Ji-sung has been playing basketball at a school connected to Yeongga Elementary School, Myeongji Middle School, and Myeongji High School.

Park Ji-sung said, “When I was a senior in elementary school, I started playing basketball because I was tall and I liked sports as much as I liked. I was scouted by coach Lim Hye-young of Yeongga Elementary School, and I started playing basketball because I wanted to play it.”

There are many advantages to leading to connected schools and growing up. In particular, the combination of seniors and juniors who have worked out and grown up together for a long time is bound to be better than any other team.

“I have many friends from other schools, but I have good teamwork with the team members who started at related schools and have come up to date,” Park said. “Still, we all need to work together more as a team,” Park said. “The height of the team has decreased compared to last year. We all need to run and move more together. If we work hard with a mindset of exercising while having fun while training and communicating, I think it will lead to good performance. My goal is to advance to the semi-finals at the first competition.” 토토사이트

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