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If it had been a different group, it would have been a good chance to win the group, but Incheon was pushed to the third place, not even the winner.

Yokohama F. Marinos (Japan) and Shandong Taishan (China), both of which had the same points, advanced to the round of 16 teams instead of Incheon.

Incheon did its best until the end. The team also won 3-1 in an away match at Kaya FC (Philippines), the last game of the Group G match. However, the team had to accept its fate as elimination. Midfielder Kim Do-hyuk, who led the team’s victory by scoring the net in extra time in the second half of the day, grabbed a loudspeaker after the match. He stood in front of Incheon fans who came all the way to the Philippines to cheer for the team.

However, Kim could not start talking easily. Tears welled up at the regret of his elimination. The precious ACL ticket that he garnered by making a huge splash last season. He tried to advance to the round of 16 after advancing to the ACL for the first time this season, but it was unfortunately canceled. “Thank you for coming to the game. I was so thankful to be with the fans of the ACL for the first time. I will be Kim Do-hyuk who works harder,” Kim promised. Incheon fans applauded and cheered for Kim Do-hyuk. The Incheon club released a touching video of such a scene on its SNS on the 14th.

Incheon showed off its fighting spirit and perseverance again this season. It suffered a severe slump in the early part of the season, but overcame it to advance to the Final A. In the Final A, it had fierce battles with Gwangju FC and Jeonbuk Hyundai for the berth to the final minute of the season. Incheon failed to advance to the Asian stage for two consecutive seasons with 14 wins, 14 draws and 10 losses, but it displayed its strength to never give up. It also displayed competitive edge at its first attempt at the ACL by garnering four group wins.

Prior to the season, Incheon coach Cho Seong-hwan raised three goals. He ranked fourth or higher in the K-League, and also won the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup and advanced to the round of 16 teams at ACL. This year’s report card included ranking fifth in the K-League 1, semifinal at the FA Cup, and failure to advance to the round of 16 teams at ACL. He was able to achieve all three goals, but failed to make it to the finals at ACL. However, Incheon fans applauded and praised him, saying he lost, not criticizing him.

The Incheon squad was able to display their fighting spirit throughout the season thanks largely to the enthusiastic support from Incheon fans. Daegu FC’s Lee Keun-ho, who recently announced his retirement, also confessed at the Final A media day, “I was touched by the Incheon fans’ support in Yokohama.” Incheon players also expressed their gratitude to fans for their unwavering support.

Coach Cho Sung-hwan also expressed his sincerity after the ACL was eliminated, saying, “Thank you for the many fans visiting and cheering loudly even though the last game was an away game in the Philippines.”안전놀이터 추천

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