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It maintained the top spot by recording 18 wins and four losses, but was trailing second-ranked Changwon LG

Kang, along with Kim Jong-kyu (206 cm, C), is a resource that should be responsible for the height of the DB. In addition, Kang will become the captain of the DB for the 2023-2024 season. And after the end of the 2023-2024 season, he will be eligible for free agency. The reason why Kang’s sense of responsibility and activism has grown more than ever.

Kang’s active movements were also evident in his physical condition. He focused on losing body fat in the summer of 2023. He lost weight from 105 to 106 kilograms to 97 to 98 kilograms. His body fat fell from around 16 percent to around 10 percent.

Another reason why Kang Sang-jae took care of his body. When DB operates triple post, Kang has to play 3 times more. To actively cross between the bottom and the outside of the basket, you have to show more activity and a wider range of activity than before. So I made my body light.

Kang, who has been building his body, has moved just as he would with Didrick Lawson (202 cm, F) or Kim Jong-kyu on the court. He also displayed fast transition speed, long shooting distance, and gritty defense.

In an average of 29 minutes and 45 seconds in 21 games during the 2023-2024 season, he recorded 14.0 points and 6.2 rebounds (1.8) with 3.8 assists and 1.2 steals. Most figures, including playing time, made DB the top predator with career high. invisible contribution.

Then, he met with KCC. KCC has various tall resources such as Choi Joon-yong (200cm, F), Song Kyo-chang (199cm, F), and Lee Seung-hyun (197cm, F). Kang should play according to the matchup. In addition, the team should fill in the void left by Kim Jong-kyu, who was sidelined due to injury.

KCC manager Jeon Chang-jin also cautioned against Kang, saying, “Albano and Lawson score their own goals one way or another. We need to reduce other players’ scores. In particular, we need to minimize his scores.”

However, Kang was not able to handle the derived options of Song Kyo-chang and Choi Jun-yong in the early days of the game. In particular, he did so in defense and box out. He gave KCC a second chance or allowed KCC to score under the basket. DB, which easily lost points, fell behind 14-20 three minutes before the end of the first quarter.

When Kim Jong-kyu returned, Kang Sang-jae eased the burden. However, Kang Sang-jae did not have a clear option. Both offense and defense did. DB also gave up the early lead to KCC. It finished the first quarter 26-30.

Coming up as No. 3, Kang made the most of his space. The reason he mostly moved around corners. Kang, who was in the corner, broke through after a shooting fake. He succeeded in a backboard jumper on the left elbow. It was significant as he scored 32-32 points in balance.

He also utilized the advantages of Yoo Hyun-joon (178 cm, G), Doo Kyung-min (183 cm, G), and two guards. Since both players are capable of driving the ball, Kang went to the point of chance to shoot depending on the positions of the two players holding the ball. He then waited for one of the two players’ kick-out passes. The three points, which he scored at the opening 4:32 of the second quarter, were similar to the principle.

And when KCC’s tall lineup changed the game, Kang targeted KCC’s defense in a different way than before, including the screen and entry pass. It was a move that suited the situation, literally. Making a clever move, Kang gradually boosted DB’s rise, and the heated DB led 45-40 with 2 minutes and 56 seconds left before the end of the second quarter. It induced KCC to timeout for the last time in the first half.

Kang changed his role to No. 4 in the third quarter. He had to keep the speed even though he was blocked under the basket. No, he had to speed up the tempo faster. The fact that Kang was No. 4 means that DB chose a small lineup.

However, such a time was not long. Kim Jong-kyu left the courtroom just 2 minutes and 48 seconds after the opening of the third quarter. Kang regained his original position (?) at the corner. He caught the attention of Song Kyo-chang at the corner. That alone was not enough for KCC. If Kang expands the space for offense, KCC cannot hire one assist defender.

In addition, Kang Sang-jae minimized Choi Jun-yong’s power. And after participating in the fast attack, Kim Jong-kyu and Lawson induced to play together. He did not allow KCC to turn the tables. DB, which did not give up the initiative, finished the third quarter 73-70.

DB was advantageous, and Kang’s movements were flexible. However, Kang’s flexibility was lagging behind KCC forward line’s desperate moves. DB was also reversed 75-77 minutes and 52 seconds before the end of the game.

Kang briefly left the court. He had to rescue DB, which was pushed back 79-85, 3 minutes and 50 seconds before the end of the game. However, he couldn’t handle the desperate movement of the KCC forward line. DB, which was trying to turn the tables, also lost for the fourth time.

Kang had to leave Busan with bitterness. The record also left Kang even more bitter. Kang’s record against KCC was 7 points and 2 assists in 33 minutes and 33 seconds.메이저 토토사이트

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