Thursday, 30th November 2023

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“I like a winning squeeze better than a grand slam”

Hyungwoo and Sungbeom laugh at Lee Woo-sung’s winning squeeze over a grand slam, as they have Lee Woo-sung even if they lose.

KIA Tigers outfielder Lee Woo-sung, 29, is enjoying the happiest season since his debut. He has 388 at-bats in 123 games despite not playing in the regular season. He surpassed 100 hits (106) for the first time in his career. He is batting .791 with eight doubles, eight home runs, 55 RBIs, 39 runs scored and a .791 OPS. All career highs. He has blossomed 11 years after joining the team.

Lee showed his true colors on Wednesday against the Lotte Giants at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field. Lee struck out in his first at-bat, but in the bottom of the third inning, trailing 0-3, he hit a two-run double to right-center field with runners on first and third. 먹튀검증토토사이트 With the bases loaded in the bottom of the fourth inning after a 5-4 deficit, he put his head down with an infield single.

In the seventh inning, tied 5-5, he delivered the decisive blow. With one out and two on, Socrates stole second base, then hit a line drive to left field off Lotte pinch-hitter Choi Jun-yong to bring home the winning run. It was the game-winning hit that kept the team’s hopes of a fifth place finish alive. It was her fourth game-winning hit of the season. He was the key to the team’s victory.

“I apologized for my at-bat,” he said. I was waiting for Socrates to steal. Luckily, he got me into scoring position. I prepared to hit short pitches and it worked out well. (His two-run double in the third inning) I had gone 0-for-5 the day before, so I thought about the outfield pitches and hit them, and luckily it turned into a two-run double,” Lee explained.

Lee has been unusually opportunistic this year. He has four game-winning hits and is 3-for-1 with runners in scoring position. He is also producing the most RBIs and walks since his debut. “I used to get nervous and think a lot when there were runners in scoring position, and the results weren’t good, but the coach kept believing in me and letting me play, so I felt more relaxed and stronger,” she said.

He also credits his wife for his career-high performance. “She’s very realistic with me, whether I’m doing well or not. She comforts me when I’m struggling, but sometimes she tells me to ‘get a grip’. I am grateful and thankful to my wife. Thanks to her cooking delicious meals, I was able to stay organized and focused, which is why this year has been so good,” he said.

He also said something that showed his true colors. He said that a squeeze bunt that contributes to a team’s victory is more valuable than a faded walk-off home run. On Sept. 16, Lee hit his first career grand slam off Brandon Waddell in the bottom of the fourth inning against the Gwangju Doosan, but he couldn’t smile as his team lost. On Sept. 3, he hit a squeeze bunt with runners on first and third in the top of the ninth inning against KT in Suwon to win the game.

Lee said, “When I came in after the squeeze bunt, I got goosebumps when the dugout clapped for me. The fans were calling my name so loudly that it gave me chills. It’s better to win with a squeeze bunt than to lose with a walk-off home run. The team winning is the real number one,” he laughed. Finally, he promised, “We will do our best in the remaining three games.” Even without Choi Hyung-woo, Na Sung-beom, and Park Chan-ho, it looks like KIA is still holding on to its hopes of a top-five finish thanks to Lee Woo-sung.

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