Monday, 22nd April 2024

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Seongnam FC showed a completely different appearance in the match against Gimpo FC at its home turf.

Seongnam, led by acting coach Choi Chul-woo, won 2-1 against Gimpo in the fourth round home game of Hana Bank’s K League 2 2024 at Tancheon Stadium at 4:30 p.m. on the 30th and reported its first win in the league.

Seongnam recently replaced its coach. It has decided to replace Lee Ki-hyung and seek a new coach. Coincidentally, Seongnam have won both matches under acting coach Choi Chul-woo. In the second round of the Korea Cup on Sunday, Seongnam won 3-0 against Pocheon City Football Team, and also beat Gimpo City 2-1, recording its first win in the league.

Acting head coach Choi Chul-woo met with reporters before the game and said, “I want to show you that ‘Seongnam has become dynamic’ and ‘Seongnam should play this kind of soccer’ so that fans can see it.”

It was not a futile remark. In fact, Seongnam has displayed different performances than before. Notably, in the first half, it clearly overwhelmed Gimpo and scored the first goal. In the face of a corner kick, Kim Won-kyun grabbed his uniform while marking Lee Jung-hyup, and a penalty kick was declared, and Hughes calmly scored in the 29th minute of the first half. This is the first goal scored in four rounds since the opening of the season.

In addition, Seongnam aggressively pressed forward when opponents caught the ball to gain offensive power, and displayed wide use of ground to sway the left and right sides of Gimpo in succession. Kim also played a key role in counterattacks by banking on his fast feet in the midfield.

Although Huiz’s K-League debut goal faded when he gave up an equalizer to Kim Kyung-joon at the start of the second half, his aggressive color and dynamic movement were markedly different from before. Even after allowing Gimpo to score a chase goal in the second half, Seongnam did not shrink and actively hit Gimpo’s goal, and eventually Park Ji-won’s dramatic goal in extra time in the second half made a pleasant victory.

Acting coach Choi said, “We have no place to stand because we are challengers. I told the players to prepare each game with the intention of ‘breaking the reputation’,” indicating that he would take steps from the perspective of the challengers.

Seongnam’s performance through the match against Gimpo was sufficient to make Seongnam, the “challenger,” look forward to its future moves. 토토사이트

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