Monday, 22nd April 2024

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DB hits 1 billion entrance revenue – club’s highest figure

DB has achieved 1 billion won in home game admission revenue.

Wonju DB Promi Professional Basketball Team (Director Kwon Soon-cheol) announced on the 30th that it has achieved 1 billion won in entry income for home games.

With the last home game (1 game) left, Wonju DB recorded 1 billion entrance income, exceeding the club’s record-high admission income (17-18 seasons) by more than 45% since the launch of professional basketball in 1997

The reason behind the club’s record-high admission income this season was that it scored an average of 90 points
Team performance, which won the regular league with aggressive and fun basketball, and target marketing using KBL’s integrated platform are considered to be effective.

In addition, the establishment of a premium seat (160 seats) on the first floor, which was produced at a cost of 260 million won through the selection of the contest, and the high-quality of all seats on the first floor with duo-back chairs, increased the satisfaction of fans as well as the increase in spectators (63%) and achieved the largest admission income ever 토토사이트

Wonju DB, which has sold out four times this season, plans to actively promote the improvement of stadium facilities so that fans who visit the stadium can watch the game comfortably.

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