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If Son Heung-min is out, who will score the goal?

Tottenham Hotspur’s foot is on fire. Son Heung-min, the main gun, will be summoned to the Asian Cup in January. Attention is drawn to how Tottenham’s Enzi Postecoglou will cope.

British media “Express” warned on the 25th that Tottenham would face a big problem if Son Heung-min left.

Express said, “Son scored 11 Premier League goals this season. He scored twice as many goals as the second-ranked player in his team. If he leaves for the Korean national team for the Asian Cup next month, Tottenham will suffer huge losses.”

Son Heung-min was responsible for about 30 percent of Tottenham’s 37 goals alone. In Tottenham, only five goals are scored after Son Heung-min. Dejan Kluszewski and Hisalisson helped, but without Son Heung-min, the weight is far lower.

It is fortunate that Hishalisson has recently regained his sense of goal.

Tottenham Hotspur F.C. brought in Hishalisson for a whopping 60 million pounds last summer. Hishalisson only scored one goal in the 2022-2023 Premier League. His slump continued in the early stages of this season, turning him into a difficult one. Rumors have it of a sell-off.

However, he returned after groin surgery. He has scored for three consecutive games, starting with multiple goals in the round 16 match against Newcastle.

Son Heung-min is expected to join the national team after the match against Bournemouth on the 31st.

Tottenham can form a three-top with Hishalisson, Kluzewski, and Brennan Johnson, but if this happens, they don’t have a replacement card. If you don’t want to change your tactics, you need additional recruitment.

“Postecoglou reportedly wants a versatile striker to compensate for Son’s absence and improve the overall depth of the squad. He is now connecting with Jota, who he taught when he was at Celtic,” said the Express.

Meanwhile, Tottenham lost two more key midfielders besides Son Heung-min. The Asian Cup and the African Cup of Nations will be held simultaneously in January. Pape Sarr (Senegal) and Yves Bissouma (Malley) will participate in the Cup of Nations. 안전놀이터

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