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2023 Rookie pitcher Yoon Young-chul (18) had a successful debut season.

He entered the starting lineup through competition with seniors and maintained his position until the end of the season. He pitched in 25 games and played 122 ⅔, recording eight wins and seven losses with an earned run average of 4.04. He made seven quality starts. He had a batting average of 263 and an on-base percentage (WHIP) of 1.40 per inning.

It was a normal performance for an ordinary pitcher. However, the 18-year-old rookie’s debut season performance deserved praise. He also jumped into the race for the Rookie of the Year award. He lost to Hanwha Eagles’ Moon Dong-ju, but received 15 votes. Most of them were pure rookies. “I thought he would throw only 100 innings or falter in the middle of the season, but he did a good job unexpectedly,” manager Kim Jong-kook said.

At the same time, he received lots of homework. He only pitched about five innings per game, failing in the stipulated innings. It was regrettable that he did not have an ERA in the three-run range. His hit rate and WHIP are also high. He also walks 3.52 innings per nine innings, which is not a low level. It can be said that the number of pitches he has to throw is also 16.7 per inning. He also has a higher hit rate by left-handed hitters (.293) than by right-handed hitters (.237). The average speed of his pitches should also be increased by 137.1 kilometers.

In order to solve homework problems, I learned how to train curves and upper body twisting more clearly at the Okinawa closing camp. Curve is to add pitches to existing fastballs, changeups, and sliders. It is also an ideal type of ball to steal batters’ timing. As he has excellent breaking ball skills, throwing a curveball will likely have the effect of dispersing batters’ interest. The twisting of the upper body is expected to help boost both pitching and speed up of breaking ball trajectories.

There was another change in this, too. “I practiced pulling my hand out of my glove late when throwing,” manager Kim Jong-kook said. Previously, I removed my left hand directly from my glove at the same time as winding up. Since then, there has been time for my left hand holding the ball, which seems to be an attempt to reduce this. “I think it will have the effect of hiding the ball more while preparing for the pitch clock,” Kim explained. “However, it is not easy to make changes to the pitching motion. The balance must be balanced accurately.”

Yoon’s pitching movement is relatively slow. The measurement by the Major League’s pitch clock at the closing camp (with 15 seconds for runners and 20 seconds for no runners) showed that he was in danger level. That is why he seems to have made efforts to reduce the ball time in his left hand. Another strength of Yoon’s pitching capability is his deception (hiding and throwing of the ball). It makes batters’ coping ability deteriorate. If the ball is pulled out late, the time to hide it can be longer.

Whether Yoon Young-chul will adopt the pitching form at next year’s spring camp depends on the results of his training during the offseason until January next year. It takes a lot of practice to completely master the pitching form. Moreover, if the pitching balance is affected, a bigger error can occur. What is clear is that Super Rookie has been pursuing many changes for two years for a clear emergency. 메이저사이트

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