Monday, 24th June 2024

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Korea’s First Interblocks Stadium

Interblock, a Slovenian-based manufacturer and supplier of high-end electronic table game (ETG) products, recently announced that Daegu Casino, located on Annex 1F of Hotel Interburgo DEAGU in Daegu, North Gyeongsang Province, is home to Korea’s first ETG. In addition to the two live baccarat games, the 30-seat stadium installation offers one automated roulette position to play up to three games at a time.

Michael Hu, vice president of Interblock Asia, said, “We are very proud to bring our first electronic table game to Korea by offering unique stadium products. This multi-game configuration provides a great introduction to Interblock ETG for both new and advanced table game players. I’m sure that players at Daegu Casino will enjoy this new game environment,” according to the press release.

The gaming space of the foreigner-only casino includes 30 playstations each with a 27-inch monitor that allows you to bet on up to three games simultaneously. 1 automatic generator to deliver roulette, 4 LCD displays to show live gameplay, trends and game history, and 1 live baccarat table with 2 shoes to offer 2 baccarat games.

In addition to Korea, Interblock introduced its high-end electronic table gaming (ETG) products this month alone as the first PULS ARENA in Latin America to be located at Diamond Stadium in Hollywood One Club, a new VIP gaming club at Sun Monticello Casino in Chile and the Muong Tanha Long Hotel in Vietnam. 슬롯


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