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Gateway Casino And Entertainment Announces Layoffs Of Ontario Facilities

Gateway, one of Canada’s largest game and hospitality providers, has begun layoffs at other facilities across Ontario. Gateway officials say staff cuts are part of the company’s efficiency-maximizing strategy, but according to local trade unions, job losses are the result of privatizing the gaming sector.

Recent media reports have revealed layoffs at several gateway casinos, including Casino Salt St Marie and Gateway Casino Sudbury. In an official written statement, Robert Mitchell, director of communications and public relations at Gateway Casino and Entertainment, confirmed that the company should “cut staff” in several places. He explained that Gateway needed cuts after it was selected as a major service provider in last year’s Ontario Lottery and Game (OLG) game bundle.

Once the company gained control of the facility, it reviewed operations and introduced many technology solutions, according to Mitchell. Some of the technologies integrated into the casino include automated systems, upgraded security systems, and accounting software. The company also had to reduce the operating hours of certain facilities. As a result, Gateway said in a statement that it had to cut staff at several casinos, without clarifying the number of cuts. Most employees agreed to a voluntary exit incentive program, others were relocated, and the rest were laid off. 바카라

The company’s communications director notes that laid-off people will be able to apply for jobs at planned new casinos in Sudbury, London, Chatham, North Bay and Kenora. These facilities will be operational in the next two years, but it becomes clear that former casino employees at Gateway need to compete with other applicants for empty jobs. According to Mitchell, the game operator plans to invest more than $500 million in the Ontario economy and create more than 1,000 new jobs across the state.

dismissal due to privatisation of game operations
Canadian trade union Unipo issued a statement claiming the layoffs were a direct result of Ontario’s privatization of the gaming sector. Unipo National Chairman Jerry Diaz said the union had warned against OLG’s modernization plans, including attracting private companies in the gaming and casino industries. According to him, modernization is a good example of the negative impact on employment in the region.

Gateway Casino Sudbury announced that four full-time and three part-time workers will be laid off. There are currently a total of 40 people working at the Sudbury facility. But there are more layoffs at other Gateway casinos, according to Dias. In other words, there are six jobs in Gateway Casino Dresden and six jobs in Gateway Casino Point Edward. The union, Canada’s largest organization of this kind in the gaming industry, is currently negotiating with the company to reduce the number of layoffs announced.

Unipo also reminds us that private casino operators, including Gateway, must retain all employees for one year after OLG takes over the gaming facility. But the one-year mandate ended in May and the company is now free to announce staff cuts at the new casino.


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