Friday, 14th June 2024

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Cyber experts at SSU caught criminals who transferred funds to Russia from gambling sites.

According to the SSU, the criminals caught are citizens of both Ukraine and Russia.

Russian and Ukrainian criminals:

The operation was documented and blocked by authorities that enabled the liquidation of illegal online casinos. During the operation, about 3 billion Hibnia equivalents were funded by the Russian Federation.

The attackers were led by Russians, who were at the top of the hierarchical management structure, and the entire team consisted of 10 people, five Ukrainian citizens and five Russians.

Finding the office and service staff was one of the Ukrainians’ They also gave computer equipment, advertising support, and authorization to customers. Ukrainian citizens were also responsible for installing the infrastructure needed for payments and operations.

A tracking of the payment transactions revealed that about 3 billion UAH had been withdrawn from Ukrainian territory to Russia. Crypto remittance was used to transfer funds.

Ukrainian security officials have blocked web resources linked to operations, and have also banned criminals from accessing payment systems.

“The perpetrators had a hierarchical management verticality led by the Russians,” the SSU’s cyber division said in a report

What we don’t know is which online casino the entire operation was being held at.

Russian companies banned in Ukraine:

In early September, Ukraine’s national gambling and lottery regulator, KRAIL, announced that the famous Russian operator, 1xBet, had lost his license and was banned from working in Ukrainian territory. The operator was licensed very recently, especially in April 2022, when the Russian Federation began invading Ukraine.

The Ukrainian people decided to confront gambling authorities and signed a petition calling for a ban on 1xBet of Ukrainian territorial activity, which was posted on the Ukrainian president’s website and signed 25,000 times in a week.

The Russian bookmaker tried to cancel KRAIL’s decision. In September of this year, the operator appealed to the authorities, but the court decided on an ongoing ban on Russian operators. It remains to wait for the war to end and to see if something will change.



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