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A dribble is any act of a player with a ball attempting to break through the opponent.

Gersault made 26 out of 48 dribbling attempts, recording a 54.2 percent success rate. Gerso was the player who won the first place (37 times) in the K League 1 dribble last year.

Second place is Lee Hee-kyun of Gwangju FC. Lee Hee-kyun tried 48 times and succeeded 17 times, with a 35.4% success rate.

Third place is FC Seoul’s Na Sang-ho. Na Sang-ho made 15 out of 51 dribbles (29.4%) successful.

The fourth place is Gangwon FC’s Gallego. Gallego succeeded 13 times out of 36 (36.1%) times.

Jeonbuk Song Min-kyu and Daegu Vasellus tied for fifth. Song Min-kyu succeeded 13 times out of 28 times (46.4%) and Vaselus succeeded 13 times out of 29 times (44.8%).

The highest number of de-pressures was Baco. De-pressurization is the act of continuing to maintain ownership of the ball away from the opponent’s pressure defense to take the ball away.

Baco topped the list with 20 de-pressures. Baco succeeded in de-pressuring 61 times last year, ranking first overall.

Pohang Steelers Oberdan (16 times), Seoul Osmar (15 times), Suwon FC Lee Seung-woo (13 times), and Na Sang-ho, Jeju United Lee Ki-hyuk, Jeju Kim Bong-soo, and Jeonbuk Baek Seung-ho, who succeeded 12 times, were tied for fifth.

Na Sang-ho was the only player in the top five in both dribbling success and de-pressure.

It drew attention that Jeju’s young midfielder Kim Bong-soo, born in 1999, and Lee Ki-hyuk, born in 2000, tied for fifth place side by side.안전놀이터 추천

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