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Vancouver-based Ritzy Product, has teamed up with Silver International to facilitate vast amounts of dirty cash laundering.

A new player has joined the game, and this is a seemingly harmless business, like targeting women of all ages offered by cosmetics companies. Vancouver law enforcement found a link between a company offering a range of cosmetics and personal care products and money laundering rings, including Silver International Investments. An ongoing investigation by local police, called the “Project Trunk Line,” sought to reveal more about potential drug trafficking and cash laundering in the area, and eventually revealed a connection between the two companies.

Front business facilitates money laundering
The civil forfeiture case reveals a link between the cosmetics business and what the RCMP Richmond-based business has already investigated. During the investigation, officers were challenged to follow around people working for the company and better understand how Ridge products work. The company’s employees had the task of moving around the box where the product was delivered to the customer.

The full range of products offered by cosmetics companies is stored in a warehouse located in Vancouver to facilitate the process. Officers were able to identify and find the background of a company commonly called Mr. Wong. He was at the warehouse site and was ready to pack some of the packages for delivery. Officers assumed that time was appropriate for further investigation and immediately began pulling him over to inspect the boxes he had transported.

Tests revealed that Wong’s cargo contained C$215,000 in unidentified cash. Officers returned to the warehouse for a search and seizure, and found another 5,000 Canadian dollars in cash available at the scene. A mandatory test for cocaine residues has tested positive for some banknotes. What connected the two companies was the fact that Wong was caught on tape on his way to the Silver International office with a box and a bag.

Silver International Records Feature Ritzy Product’s Director
CCTV footage investigated after the warehouse raid revealed that the director of Rich Products visited Richmond and delivered the package to the company’s office, which is already under investigation for alleged dirty cash laundering. 2017 may recall the dismissal of the Richmond company, which was criticized as a central hub for money laundering operations related to casino facilities in areas such as River Rock Casino.

Tsai Xuanzin and her partner, Jianzhu, are the main figures behind the alleged criminal operation, with the British Columbia Civil Confiscation Office targeting them since December 2018. In a recent statement, they made it clear that their fundamental rights were violated by authorities in raids conducted at their homes and businesses. According to records available at Silver International, Wong was a regular customer of the company, called “Nelson” or “Nell.”카지노사이트 추천

In 2015, he managed to witness a deposit transaction of C$3.8 million, as well as being withdrawn up to C$20,000. According to a recent court filing, the two vehicles and cash available at Ridge Products’ warehouse are the result of material transactions and criminal cash laundering. However, the lawyer who is protecting Mr. Wong in court said the cosmetics company is not connected in any way to Silver International. Investigations continue to search for answers while British Columbia seeks public scrutiny.


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