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Activating option to renew contract? Tottenham offer 3-4 years to Son Heung-min

Spurs Web: “We will pursue contract renewal negotiations after a one-year extension”

It was predicted that Tottenham Hotspur of the English professional football Premier League (EPL) could renew captain Son Heung-min’s contract for more than three years.

Spurs Web, which provides Tottenham news, reported on the 27th (Korean time) that Tottenham will begin negotiations on a contract renewal after activating the option to extend Son Heung-min’s one-year contract.

The reason why Tottenham is putting forward an option clause is because the club wants to find a more appropriate position to negotiate a new contract with Son Heung-min.

Spurs Web then said, “We fully expect Tottenham to sign a long-term contract renewal of 3 to 4 years with Son Heung-min before the start of next season.”

The news that Tottenham would activate the one-year extension option for Son Heung-min was reported in earnest on the 25th.

Alan Hutton (39, Scotland), who played for Tottenham in the past, said in an exclusive interview with British soccer media Football Insider at the time, “To maximize Son Heung-min’s cash value (which the club can keep) when selling him in the future, Tottenham will sell 100 “% will choose the one-year contract extension option,” he claimed. 파워볼사이트

At the time, Hutton said, “Son Heung-min is a very important player and captain of the team for Tottenham,” and added, “No one would understand activating the option to extend his contract for one year.” There has been a lot of speculation and rumors recently about the future of Son Heung-min, who is 32 years old this year. From reports that Saudi Arabian professional soccer team Al Ittihad are pursuing the recruitment of Son Heung-min, there have even been predictions that he may follow former Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho and move to Turkye Fenerbahce. Son Heung-min himself showed signs of discomfort in response to the flood of speculative reports. On the 11th, Son Heung-min told reporters in the mixed zone (joint coverage area) immediately after the 6th game of the 2026 FIFA North and Central America World Cup Asian 2nd qualifying round, “I have nothing to talk about with the club,” and “I have nothing to say yet.” “No,” he answered. Son Heung-min recorded 17 goals and 10 assists in the 2023-2024 season, becoming the 6th player to achieve 10 points and 10 assists three times in the EPL. In addition, he has scored 162 goals since 2015, making him the 5th highest scoring player in Tottenham club history. Son Heung-min, who left Leverkusen in the German professional soccer Bundesliga in 2015 and came to Tottenham, signed a four-year contract extension with Tottenham in 2021. According to his contract, Son Heung-min will be with Tottenham until 2025. At the time, when Son Heung-min signed a new contract, the club included an option clause that allowed the club to extend the contract for another year. However, nothing has been officially decided on this yet. 스포츠토토링크

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