Monday, 22nd April 2024

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There is a shadow of injury.

Lotte cannot smile to the fullest. It started the exhibition game with two consecutive wins, but ended up with a series of negative events due to its injury. Han Dong-hee complained of pain during a practice session with SSG on Sunday. It was the bottom of the fifth inning. He was dealing with the changed pitcher Song Young-jin. He swung the bat hard on the third fastball and declared time. He had been gripping his side and complaining of pain for a while, but was replaced eventually.

He immediately moved to a hospital (Good Samseon Hospital). As a result, he was diagnosed with damage to his right radiative muscle. As it is the weekend, he will undergo a thorough checkup on Wednesday. He even flew to the U.S. to take lessons during the off-season. He did his best to join the military despite a high possibility that he could join the military on Wednesday. However, a red flag was turned on due to unfavorable factors from his unexpected injury.

Lotte also has a lot of regrets. The previous day, outfielder Kim Min-seok’s injury was reported. He was injured during defense training on the 7th. According to the examination, he was diagnosed with a ruptured right internal abdominal muscle. He needs about a month of rehabilitation. Lotte manager Kim Tae-hyung’s plan has also been disrupted as the expected resources have been deviated one after another. 토토사이트

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