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The meaning of 1 win in Korean women’s volleyball

The Korean women’s volleyball team has delivered a victory in the Volleyball Nations League for the first time in a long time.

The national team, led by head coach Fernando Morales, won the set score 3-1 against Thailand in the final game of the 2024 FIVB (International Volleyball Federation) VNL (Volleyball Nations League) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on the 20th (Korea Standard Time).

This victory meant a lot. It’s not just one win.

First of all, if you look at the record-breaking parts, the world ranking has risen six notches from 43rd to 37th. Prior to the competition, he started from 40th place to 43rd with three losses in the first half, but now he has risen vertically.

It also comes as a big achievement in that it snapped a long and long VNL 30-game losing streak. South Korea’s previous VNL victory was against Canada on June 15, 2021, in Rimini, Italy.

Korea won the game 3-2, its third VNL victory of the year. At the time of the victory over Canada, Korea started with apogit spikers Jung Ji-yoon (15 points), outside heaters Kim Yeon-koung (23 points) and Park Jung-ah (24 points), middle blockers Yang Hyo-jin (12 points), Park Eun-jin (8 points), setter Yeom Hye-sun, and Libero Oh Ji-young. All of them are semifinalists at the Tokyo Olympics.

The national team, led by head coach Stefano Lavarini, lost to Brazil, Turkiye and the Netherlands one after another after the victory, and later switched to the Olympic system and made great achievements.

Korea passed on to its juniors the starting position of the national team, which Kim Yeon-koung and Yang Hyo-jin had firmly maintained since the Tokyo Olympics. Then Cesar Hernandez González took the helm.

However, in the 2022 VNL and 2023 VNL, they did not win even one. It was not easy to find a breakthrough because of the lack of height, speed, and basic skills in the process of generational change.

In the 2024 VNL under Morales, the first three games were all shut out defeats. The development was also one-sided.

However, this match against Thailand was different. Players had already been aiming for a victory over Thailand even before departing for Brazil. There were two main reasons. The 2022 VNL and 2023 VNL Thailand were 0-3 completely defeated, and they failed to score 20 points. They were also completely defeated after failing to win a set in the qualifying round for the 2022 World Championships, the 2023 Asian Championships, and the 2023 Olympic qualifying round. The result of the five matches against Thailand was five consecutive losses and a set score of 0-15. It was a disastrous level.

Korean players have worked hard to prepare for this. They are already well aware of the play styles of the Thai players, and especially since the Asian quarter was introduced last season, spending the season with Pon Poong (IBK Industrial Bank of Korea), Wipawi (Hyundai Engineering & Construction), and Tanacha (Korea Expressway Corporation) helped them have a showdown.
Of course, he was lucky. In the previous day’s game, Ponpun Setter was absent, and his main player was not seen outside heater Atharaphone.

The victory, however, has sent a strong impression to the players. First of all, the players took the desire to win from the start of the game. Rather, he wanted to avenge his loss by joining with the best members.

Another fact is that Morales’ strategy of “low and fast” was as effective as the match itself. This also gives significant implications. A basic consensus is being formed on the foundation that foreign coaches who have recently led national teams are pursuing. However, there was a difference in direction depending on the composition of players in the national team.

Lavarini emphasized individual players’ abilities based on Kim Yeon-koung’s isolation. He built a systematic play from it. This strategy resulted in the semifinals of the Tokyo Olympics.

However, Cesar could not use this strategy. Having strengths in analysis, Cesar used strong serve, and when he became a receiver, he consistently aimed to score points through fast or moving fastballs.

Morales, who has recently taken the helm, emphasized how to operate the wing spiker triangle-formation system through low and fast attacks. This strategy could be most effective in matches against Thailand and Japan. Victory over Thailand was very important.

Apogit spiker Park Jung-ah (16 points), outside heater Kang So-hwi (22 points) and Jung Ji-yoon (16 points), middle blockers Lee Ju-ah (11 points) and Lee Da-hyun (8 points), setter Kim Da-in and Libero Han Da-hye started for Korea. Only Park and Jung Ji-yoon are members of the Tokyo Olympics.

The fact that they won the victory is directly related to their confidence. I was able to heal a little bit of the wounds that were overwhelmed by the sense of defeat and I tasted the taste of victory.

When I was standing in the mixed zone after the game, I had to watch a number of weak players shed tears and walk out of the gym. Some players cried, saying, “I’m sorry.”

There were also moments of joy. After winning the match against Croatia, the last game of the 2022 World Championship, they were able to give high-five to their players in the mixed zone. Back then, they could hardly forget their confident expressions. In Rio de Janeiro the previous day, they regained their confidence and felt a sense of accomplishment.

This will be a big boost to the rest of the game. We will meet high and strong opponents one after another, but if we play with confidence, we will be able to show better performance than before.

Korean women’s volleyball is still in the tunnel. However, it is a signal that has ended a long losing streak. When these signals are gathered, we will be able to meet a brilliant future without even realizing it.

When we constantly meet strong opponents, we become stronger little by little. The world of victory is about winning, losing, and losing.사설 토토사이트

With the lessons learned from one win, the Korean team will move to Argentina to continue its training. And it will continue its Week 2 competition in Arlington, the U.S.A. I look forward to seeing you put on an even better performance. I also give a big round of applause for the team’s victory over Thailand once again.


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