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Like Kim Si-rae or Kim Tae-sul?

Kim Si-rae played an average of 21 minutes and 28 seconds in 36 games last season, recording 6.1 points, 2.5 rebounds and 3.4 assists. His field goal success rate was not good at 30.8 percent (66/214). He even suffered a foot injury.

Kim Si-rae became a free agent, but faced a harsh reality. He signed a contract with DB at 100 million won, a reduction of 250 million won from 350 million won last season. The contract period is one year.

The pay cut from 350 million won to 100 million won was the same as Seo Jang-hoon, who transferred from LG in Changwon to KT in Busan (currently Suwon KT) in 2012 from the FA market. Of course, Seo announced that he would retire after the 2012-2013 season and donated 200 million won to his alma mater by adding 100 million won in remuneration and 100 million won in private expenses.

Kim Si-rae is the eighth player in the FA market to be cut by more than 250 million won in remuneration.

The previous seven are Bang Sung-yoon (400 million won → 130 million won) in 2010, Seo Jang-hoon in 2012, Kim Seung-hyun (400 million won → 150 million won) in 2013, Moon Tae-jong (660 million won → 385 million won) in 2015, Kim Joo-sung (450 million won → 200 million won) in 2017, Yang Dong-geun (650 million won → 400 million won) and Kim Tae-sul (420 million won → 100 million won).
Among them, Kim Tae-sul with 320 million won was the player whose salary was cut the most.

After becoming a free agent in 2019, Kim signed a one-year contract and 100 million won (937,000 U.S. dollars) in compensation before moving from Samsung to DB through sign and trade. The trade target was Jung Hee-won.

In addition to moving from Samsung to DB, there is one more similarity between Kim Si-rae and Kim Tae-sul.

Kim reunited with former coach Lee Sang-beom at DB. The two were teachers and students who led the team to its first championship at KGC Ginseng Corporation in Anyang.

Kim Si-rae will work with Kim Jong-kyu, who collaborated with LG to win his first regular league title in the 2013-2014 season.

Kim Tae-sul’s role in the DB was to take center stage on and off the court with a veteran.

“I spend more time outside the court than I do on the court. My biggest job is to balance players on the bench and organize when I ride a roller coaster with young players,” Kim once said.

DB finished tied with Seoul SK for first place in the 2019-2020 season when COVID-19 stopped, and Kim Tae-sul was evaluated to have played his part on the court in the match, although he missed many games due to injury at the time.

In an interview with her jump ball after moving to DB, Kim said, “I want to get rid of my injury and come back to DB in a cool way to hear that Kim is still alive. I want to play a season without any injuries. I really want to play it. DB is the regular season winning team last season. My goal is to blend in well as I have a good membership. I want to lead young players as a veteran.”메이저 토토사이트

If Kim Si-rae, who transferred from Samsung to DB, plays the role of a veteran like Kim Tae-sul, DB will help clear up the disappointment of the 2023-2024 season.


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