Monday, 22nd April 2024

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The crowd on the third base stands up and holds their hands behind them.

The majestic voice cheering begins. It’s a cry of “the strongest. the best. the best.” Then the first base side responds. “Invincible.L.G.” rings loudly. Jamsil’s top of the eighth inning gets so hot. 토토사이트

Lee Do-yoon gets on base after two outs. It’s a hit in front of center field. It’s only one stroke. That’s enough. Boil back towards boiling point. Park Sang-eon peaks at bat. The eight-ball scuffle takes place. In the meantime, a foul flew as far as a home run. There are mixed cheers and sighs.

The last crystal ball was a slow curve. The 24th out count comes out with a swinging strikeout.

The home team selection clenches his fist. It’s an uppercut ceremony. I don’t know how many times this game is already. It doesn’t matter though. There is a standing ovation for him. Take off your hat and raise it toward the stands. It’s a performance that even A.C.E can do. It was a very fitting day.

It is the game of the 13th-year pitcher’s life. He gave up only five hits until the eighth inning. Home run (Chae Eun-seong) in the first inning is the only flaw. The rest was perfect. He struck out six and played a game of no outs. There was no significant crisis. Fastballs, curves, and changeups are flashy. The number of pitches was cut to 96.

He broke his own record with 12 wins. Among the domestic players, he stood at the front with Ko Young-pyo.

The last eight innings game is a long way off. It was 2012 when I was 20 years old. They say Hyundai baseball doesn’t have to throw until the eighth or ninth inning. But I wanted to throw. I couldn’t throw it because I lacked competence. I reflect a lot.” (Interview after the game)

It has been on a roll since August. He has won six games (one loss) in nine games. At this point, Cha Myung-seok, the head of the group, comes to mind. These are wonderful quotes he left behind. It was late July. It’s after the rare trade. The wonderful words “Hoegwangbanjo” and “catfish effect” were put on stage.

“I was thinking that Choi Won-tae would be able to come to our team and start three times.” In fact, I didn’t like Lim Chan-kyu’s third selection, and I thought, “Your position should be the fourth.”

Of course 90% is a joke. However, it is a comment that is mixed with 10% sincerity. Even then, Lim Chan-kyu’s sense of stability was not great. There was public opinion that there was no choice for the presidential election. No, it’s more than that. The gladness of making that difficult trade was the trend. Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop also welcomed it, saying, “I got a savior.”

However, after that, the situation turns strangely. First of all, the catfish effect was certain. It feels like a collective awakening has taken place since Choi Won-tae came. Lim Chan-kyu is a good example. And Lee Jung-yong, Kim Yun-sik, and Lee Ji-gang continue to pitch well. In other words, the competition among the starters has been made.

Not just that. Casey Kelly is also recovering from his old pitching. Now that Adam Plutko returns, there is nothing more to be desired. Up to this point, the environment has improved even more since the trade.

But there is a serious problem. This is the sluggishness of the catfish effect. Choi Won-tae continues to struggle after the transfer. In seven games (2 wins and 2 losses), he has an ERA of 8.27. In the last three games, he failed to fill the fifth inning. Finally, it was removed from the entry on the 11th.

Now that this is happening, it’s human nature that comes to mind. Fans have come to regret the return payment. In order to win Choi Won-tae, he had to pay the price of sacrificing the team’s future. Lee Ju-hyung and Kim Dong-kyu gave up the right to nominate (first round in 2024).

In particular, there is a strong voice that regrets Lee Ju-hyung. This is due to the loss of a cherished prospect overnight. As soon as he moved the team, his potential exploded. In 42 games, he has 56 hits in 169 at-bats, a batting average of 0.331, and six home runs. It has already become the core of the Heroes’ lineup.

Naturally, fans who cared about him are uncomfortable. I knock on the calculator and recall painful memories. They say, “Why do you have to trade like that?” “I keep thinking of Park Byung-ho, Park Jong-ho, and Park Kyung-soo,” and “Why does my finger hurt when I watch a raising game?”

Of course, the conclusion on the trade is still too early. The first income statement will not be released until October. However, it is the inevitable person’s heart that keeps being questioned and leaves a regret. And on the one hand, it leads to a vicious cycle of acting as a greater burden.

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