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C$60 million gambling complex in Kingsway has finally responded to a flood of claims

The casino operator stated its position, noting that it conducted its own market research on the casino before planning it. 카지노사이트

The anti-casino group No Casino Sudbury held a public hall meeting at St Andrews Place on Jan. 3, and casino activists expressed concerns related to the upcoming full-fledged entertainment complex. Casino opponents were concerned that opening a casino right next to the new community stadium did not suit Sudbury people. Casinos have had the opportunity to explain that they are increasing gambling-related problems for low-income people.

Tom Portin, owner of Sudbury and leader of Casino Free Sudbury, an anti-casino movement, explained that Gateway’s gambling complex is aimed at eroding the interests of local businesses as people will spend more in new complexes instead of local businesses. Casino opponents added that Sudbury is not a major tourist destination and the presence of a gambling complex would logically not attract crowds of tourists outside the city.

Let me take a different stand on the issue
Gateway has finally responded to the anti-casino movement’s claim that gambling complexes are intended to have a negative socio-economic impact. Robert Mitchell, director of communications and public affairs at Gateway Casino, explained that the gambling operator conducted its own market research before announcing plans to build millions of gambling complexes. Mr. Mitchell explained that the city has good potential because of its strategic location.

Mitchell explained that gambling entertainment is aimed at attracting much more out-of-city customers to gambling complexes than expected, noting that the gateway carefully chose its preferred location for the construction of the best gambling complex because of its proximity to highways and retail stores.

Mr Mitchell explained that gateway workers have high quality to respond appropriately in any situation, recalling the recent housing fire in the area that activated the fire alarm in the building that helped gateway workers evacuate everyone in Sudbury Downs.

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