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Riize members Anton, Eunseok address dating rumors in Weverse livestream

Boy band Riize members Anton, left, and Eunseok [NEWS1]

addressed the recent speculations about the two members’ dating lives in a livestream on Wednesday. 
“I was so upset because there was a lot of talk that was different from what I was actually thinking,” Anton said in a livestream on fan community app Weverse.“I am very sorry to the fans who must have gotten emotional, which was not my intention. I wanted to quickly convey my sincerity, seeing how confused and disappointed the fans must be,” he added. Rumors that Anton is in a relationship had circulated after a photo of him holding hands with a woman alleged to be his girlfriend surfaced on social media. A woman claiming to be the one in the photo denied the rumors, saying they are not dating now nor have ever dated, and that they were childhood friends.
Eunseok also addressed the recent rumors that he had dated someone. Screenshots of a conversation between a woman claiming to be internet personality Han Seo-hee and another woman who claimed she dated Eunseok were circulating on social media earlier this week. Han denied the accusations that it was her.“I have not done anything that would make Briize concerned, so I hope you will believe me,” he said. Briize is the name of the band’s fans.“I want to give my thanks and apologies to the fans who were worried about us,” Eunseok said.SM Entertainment released a statement on Wednesday saying it will take legal action against the false information being spread regarding the company’s artists. It did not mention whether it was actually Anton in the aforementioned photo or whether the conversation involving Eunseok was 카지노사이트킹 actually real.

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