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Returning Traveler, Hanwha Life CL director Kim Sang-moon’s new challenge

It is not uncommon for a former player to become a coach or manager of a team. In particular, after LCK became a franchise, the development of players in the Challengers League became important, opening the way for a former player to become a coach or coach.

Last year, Hanwha Life e-Sports CL team manager Kim Sang-moon got his nickname back. Kim Sang-moon, a “traveler,” joined the team as manager. He was a mid-liner who advanced to the LCK finals and the World Championship as a member of KT Rolster in 2015, but he was no longer able to see him in the Korean arena after the season ended.

Kim Sang-moon left like a wanderer, but came back like a wanderer. What made Kim stand as a coach again in front of his fans? Ahead of the summer split, he met and talked with Kim at Hanwha Life e-Sports Camp One.

How do you feel about this year’s spring split

I don’t think it’s bad because we finished second in the regular game schedule. However, I think it’s a pity that the performance of the playoffs is not as good as I thought. Overall, I don’t think our team’s strengths in the spring came out well. I don’t think the performance was as good as I thought before the start of the season.

He disappeared like a wanderer after his career as a kt Rollster player in 2015. And now he can be seen in Korea as a coach. What happened at that time

At that time, when I left the team, I was under a lot of stress both inside and outside the game. At the same time, I think I was mentally exhausted because I did not perform as well as before. I like to be active and communicate with people. Regardless of my age, I like to be close, but the professional world is a cold place. I think I’ve built up a burden on myself. I thought I had adapted well to the team, but I was getting tired little by little. I couldn’t do it according to my personality, so I accumulated stress without realizing it. I’m a free person at best, and a lazy person at worst. However, this personality was not good for team life, and I tried to catch this part of the team, but it wasn’t easy. As I got tired, I repeatedly rested after a year, and after a year, my performance deteriorated and I disappeared.

Then, how have you been since then

After quitting my professional gamer career, I went back to my hometown a year and had a really comfortable time. I slept when I wanted to, woke up when I wanted to, and did everything I wanted to do, and then I completed my military service due to the time. And while I was thinking about what to do, I thought it would be better to do what I do best, so I started preparing for coaching a little bit. I didn’t prepare anything great, but I was wondering if what I knew while playing gamer still worked. After I finished preparing somewhat, I was offered a test by a team, and it worked well. So I gained confidence.

When did you think you were talented as a coach

When I was taking a break from being a professional gamer, people around me recommended me a lot. I often heard that it would be good to coach because my personality likes to be comfortable with people around me and I am not good at it. Still, I was confident after the first test. After the test, we talked, and I found a team to start as a coach with confidence that my method worked well. And I joined the coaching staff of Hanwha Life e-Sports.

I’m curious why you chose Hanwha Life Insurance as your first team

Hanwha Life was the only empty seat at the time, and people around me told me that if I had a chance, I would be able to show my talent quickly. And the Hanwha Life Insurance Secretariat also showed me trust. So I started my coaching career at Hanwha Life with the thought of repaying this belief and the confidence that I could do well enough. I don’t know if I’m good at it or if heaven helped me, but after I entered, good results came out immediately other than a vertical rise in solo scores of the players I coached. And I became the coach of the LCK CL team, the second team.

I started the coaching staff of the league, and I think there were some things that were different from what I thought

The first thing I felt was that seeing with the eyes and doing it in person are also different. League coaching was not easy. Since each player has a different personality and style, it is not easy to match them, and there are many cases where each other’s opinions differ in team-level feedback. It was not easy to organize it into one. On top of that, I even took care of the players’ health and remembered the past. I understood why the former coach and coach told me this. That’s why I’m still learning a lot. I’m learning how to approach the players and get to know them, and I’m learning the part to foster them based on them. When I get used to it, I want to challenge the LCK coaching staff, which is the first division.토토사이트 모음

The technology is important, but the story seems to focus more on approaching the players personally. Could it be for what reason

I always think that trust between players and the coaching staff is really important. When a relationship of trust is broken, we cannot hear each other. The first step in building trust is to become close to each other. You should not be repulsed by each other and should not feel distant when talking. We should be honest with each other and find a compromise there. To that end, mutual trust is important, so I try to get along with the players as much as possible and talk to them as much as possible. This had a good effect last season. So I think this is the right way. There are times when we have to be strict, but we still try to be as gentle with the players as possible.

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