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‘Park Ji-sung’s Manchester United best friend’ Tevez became a coach, “You’re not here to play! “Let’s do it right”. Resolution

CA Endefendiente appointed Tevez as the new coach on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time). “The contract period is one year,” he said, adding, “Tevez started working as soon as he took office. He immediately held a press conference and shared his guiding philosophy,” he said.

Tevez said, “It’s a very important challenge for me to take charge of Indefendiente.” “I’m not here to play,” he continued. He took the helm with a heavy sense of responsibility. “I will play the best combination of players in the rest of the game,” he vowed.

Coach Tevez said, “Everyone should be united. Clubs, coaches, players, and fans should unite and move forward. That’s how we can climb to a higher place,” he said, asking for full support. Also, “Inpendiente is a sleeping lion. We have to wake him up. All the players have to stay alert and play hard. “We have to focus on the rest of the game,” he stressed.

Endefendiente is a prestigious Argentine team founded in 1904. Its hometown is Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. In the last 2022-23 season, he was ranked 24th in the first division of Argentina. It was the worst performance in the 2000s. 먹튀검증

Tevez announced his retirement from Boca Juniors in June 2022. Tevez, who took off his soccer shoes for 21 years, looked back, saying, “I played with everything I could, so I have no regrets.” After his retirement, he took charge of Argentina’s first team, Rosario Central, and immediately began to lead. Initially, he signed a one-year contract, but resigned after five months due to political problems.

He is a soccer player who is well known to domestic fans. Tevez played for Manchester United for two years from 2007-08 to 2008-09. Manchester United are considered one of the best teams in European football history at this time. In addition to Tevez and Park Ji-sung, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Rio Ferdinand, Patrice Evra and Edwin van der Sar led Manchester United’s best performance.

Tevez won two English Premier League titles at Manchester United, one league cup and one community shield. He also won the UEFA Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup.

Tevez, who added a spectacular career, left Manchester United and moved to rival Manchester City. He later retired after passing through Juventus in Italy, Shenhua in Shanghai, China, and Boca Juniors in Argentina. The Argentine national team played 76 A matches, including the 2006 World Cup in Germany and the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Now, he will be on the Argentine stage as a coach, not a player.

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