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A professional golfer who lost three golf clubs in one fell swoop during the DP World Tour season finale is making headlines. On July 21, CNN reported on a bizarre situation that occurred on the ninth hole during the final round of the World Tour Championship at Jumeirah Estates Ascot in Dubai, United Arab Emirates .After his tee shot landed in a fairway bunker, he threw his driver in frustration. His day hadn’t been going well, and after dropping a stroke on the eighth hole, his anger exploded when he botched his tee shot on the ninth. His driver flew into the branches of a palm tree next to the teeing area and got stuck between the branches. Panicking, he threw another club in an attempt to knock the driver off, but it also got stuck in the branches and didn’t come down.

He takes out another club and throws it, but this one is equally stuck in the branch .Lawton and his caddie threw fallen branches, a volunteer climbed the tree and shook the branches, but the three clubs stuck in the branches wouldn’t budge .When it came time to make his next shot, Rawton was left with three clubs that he couldn’t move. He ended up making bogey on the ninth, and then recovered the three clubs he’d briefly lost on the 10th.A volunteer climbed a tree, retrieved the three clubs, and handed them to his wife .His wife was eight months pregnant and had been following his game and cheering him on .After retrieving the clubs, he made three birdies, but finished tied for 48th.”I was frustrated with a game where nothing was going my way,” he told reporters.” I lost my mind and hit my driver and it got stuck in a tree. If a volunteer hadn’t found it, I would 무료슬롯게임 have played the rest of the match with 11 clubs,” he laughed.

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