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“Please cheer for me more at times like this.”

“If the fans dye the stadium pink, I will repay you with my performance.” 안전놀이터
The value of winning a championship in professional sports is indescribable. Kim Yeon-koung (aged 36, Heungkuk Life Insurance), the “GOAT” in the Korean volleyball community that she recognizes as the best player of all time, also desperately needs to win. “I know well that competition for the top spot in the women’s regular league in the V-League is fierce. I will do my best to win first place in the regular league for two consecutive seasons and the championship game for the first time in five seasons,” Kim said.

Heungkuk Life Insurance beat Hyundai Engineering & Construction 3-0 in the sixth round away match of the women’s division of the “Dodram 2023-2023 V-League” at Suwon Gymnasium on the 12th. Heungkuk Life Insurance (76 points, 27 wins and 8 losses), ranking second with three points, narrowed the gap with Hyundai Engineering & Construction (77 points, 25 wins and 10 losses), leading the fight for the top spot in the regular league to the final match.

Hyundai E&C still has an advantage. Heungkuk Life Insurance has to watch the match between Hyundai E&C and Pepper Savings Bank, the lowest ranking team, on Wednesday even after winning the final match against GS Caltex on Wednesday. Even if it secures three points against GS Caltex, if Hyundai E&C adds three points against Pepper Savings Bank, it will have to start with the playoff as the second place in the regular league.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, however, has not given up hope until the end. “We regret the loss against Pepper Savings Bank (1-3 loss) on August 8, but we cannot change the past,” said Marcello Avon terminal, manager of Heungkuk Life Insurance (Italy). “We will enjoy the joy of winning the match against Hyundai Construction and Construction,” he said. “We will watch the match between Hyundai E&C and Pepper Savings Bank after winning three points unconditionally in the match against GS Caltex.”

Kim didn’t give up on her dream of becoming No. 1 in the regular league. She won the title three times in the regular league and championship matches, including two consecutive wins in the V-League, but is still desperate to win the title at dusk. Notably, it is painful to remember that she suffered a reverse sweep by Korea Expressway Corporation with two wins and three losses in the championship match, even after finishing the regular league as No. 1 in the last season when she returned to the V-League.

However, if fans support him, he believes that he will be able to achieve a last-minute upset and win the championship game in this season’s regular league. “I am grateful to Heungkuk Life Insurance fans who continue to fill the stadium in away games. If you keep turning the stadium pink, it will be a great help,” Kim said. “He is maintaining his best physical condition by weight training and rest. I will work hard to renew my commitment for the team.”

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