Monday, 22nd April 2024

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“It’s a shame for the thin players.”

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (48 points, 18 wins and 16 losses) ranked fifth in the league and Korea Electric Power Corporation (47 points, 16 wins and 18 losses) ranked sixth in the league will not advance to the postseason regardless of their showdown at Suwon Gymnasium in Gyeonggi Province on the 13th.

Even if both teams win the remaining two games of the regular season, they cannot narrow the gap with the third-place team to within three points. Currently, OK Financial Group (57 points, 20 wins and 15 losses) ranks third, and Hyundai Capital (53 points, 17 wins and 18 losses) ranks fourth.

In the V-League, the semi-playoff (semi-PO) single-game match will take place only when the difference between the third and fourth places is less than 3.

If Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance wins all two remaining games, it can catch up with OK Financial Group by three points, but unfortunately, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance cannot escape the fifth place because OK Financial Group’s final opponent is currently fourth-place Hyundai Capital.

This season, competition for the rankings was fiercer than ever before, so both Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Korea Electric Power Corp. are bound to be disappointed.

In fact, at the end of the fifth round, KEPCO was in third place (47 points, 16 wins, 14 losses), and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was in fifth place (44 points, 17 wins, 13 losses) to target semi-PO.

However, KEPCO lost four consecutive games and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance lost three games (one win) and missed the spring volleyball ticket.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance manager Kim Sang-woo diagnosed, “I was inevitably lacking the back,” and looked back, “It was not easy to endure until the end of the player base and height, but what I trained at the beginning of the season came out well.”

“I’m sorry for the lack of performance after the third round. Kim Joon-woo’s injury is also on my mind,” he said.

Kwon Young-min, head coach of Korea Electric Power Corporation, also said, “Top teams have something that warm-up zone players can do as a substitute,” adding, “The game went bad because the offense fell in the sixth round.”

“The atmosphere subsided because I couldn’t play volleyball in the spring, but I told the players to do their best as it was their last home game,” he said. 토토사이트 추천

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