Saturday, 18th May 2024

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Play Safe

Live! To prepare for the opening, Casino developed the Play It Safe plan, an enhanced health and hygiene program that provides sufficient social distancing, staffing reductions, and strong hygiene and hygiene measures to all customers and team members.

A key component of the plan is the installation of the state-of-the-art Atmos Air Bi-Polar Air Purified System within HVAC systems that treat and purify air within facilities containing virus particles. The system is designed to perform 12 air changes per hour, more than twice the frequency of most commercial buildings across the casino floor.

In addition, the unique reel clear slot management system ensures that every customer who plays the slot machine sits on a newly sanitized machine and automatically socially distanced guests who are closest to the customer. Newly developed systems can automatically shut down after playing the slot and can only be reactivated by the attendant after it has been sanitized. In addition, when the player starts to play the newly sanitized machine, the system locks both machines and enforces social distancing in areas not protected by flex glass barriers. The system can also request sponsors to clean their machines at any time.

The plan follows guidance and recommendations from federal and state health officials, along with best practices for the gaming and hospitality industry that focus on masking, temperature checks, social distancing, high-traffic zones, slot machines and repeated cleaning of table gaming equipment.

Live! Casino General Manager Sean Sullivan said, “We have made it a priority to provide a safe environment for our team members and guests.” “Play It Safe is adopting special measures that meet and exceed the state’s COVID-19 guidelines. We want our guests to feel fun and safe.”



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