Monday, 22nd April 2024

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Once the deal is closed, you will have the right to 20 places to co-operate with two casinos.

Gambling operator Great Canadian has decided to operate four gambling facilities in western Toronto with partner ClareBest Group. The two companies will sign a 20-year casino operation and service agreement (COSA) with OLG. The “West GTA Bundle” includes the OLG Casino Brandtford, the OLG Slot in the Moorish Race Rack, and the OLG Slot in Grand Flamingway. 바카라사이트

I am remembered for choosing Great Canadian and Brookfield business partners to manage the operations of gambling facilities included in the GTA Gaming Bundle (OLG slot is Woodbine Racetrack, OLG slot is Ajax Downs and Great Blue Heron Casino). The two parties are expected to agree on the terms of the deal and enter into a purchase agreement.

OLG sticks to modernization plan amid money laundering concerns
OLG’s gambling privatization is integrated into its game modernization strategy introduced in March 2012, which aims to secure qualified service providers, revitalize the gambling industry, change OLG’s role in managing gambling facilities, and generate an additional 1.3 billion won in gambling revenue and hundreds of new jobs.

Earlier this month, Casino Report published an article about OLG’s decision to select a service provider to buy the “West GTA Bundle,” and just a week ago Ontario’s Finance Minister Charles Soza issued an official statement to dampen claims that Great Canada is the target of criminal investigations related to the money laundering scandal.

In September this year, the Canadian gambling operator learned that the newly elected British Columbia government was at the center of serious controversy after it released a report a year ago claiming rampant money laundering at the River Rock casino resort in the Great Canadian.

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