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Newton Community Gaming Center in Surrey to its current Delta Town & Country Inn site in Radner.

Gateway’s project is currently in need of local government approval. Residents have mixed feelings about potential casinos. Some strongly opposed casinos, some pointed out that they would be profitable, while others are watching how casinos will play out.

At a Delta Chamber of Commerce luncheon last week, business owners had the opportunity to have a say in Gateway’s casino proposal. Business owners, among all other considerations, were concerned that the casino complex at Gateway would cause labor shortages. This means that business owners will face a shortage of experienced and educated talent.

Chamber board chairman Les Boros explained in an interview with reporters that the opening of the Chawasen plant in October 2016 had the same effect, and more precisely, caused a vacuum for workers. The opening of Gateway’s full-fledged entertainment complex exacerbates the situation. It should be noted that casinos are expected to create up to 700 new jobs.

Business owners expressing concern about Gateway’s casinos
The Delta Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Jan. 24 was attended by BCLC (B.C. Lotter Corporation) and Gateway Casino guest speakers to provide additional information on Gateway’s casino proposal, Boros explained, and more than 50 people attended the luncheon to learn more about casino ventures and address community concerns.

Gateway Casino’s public relations director, Tanya Gabara, added that to allay business owners’ concerns about Gateway Casino’s staff vacuum, Gateway is hiring people across the region, but jobs offered by Gateway, as well as Delta, will generate great interest because of their diversity, but casinos attract some of the existing teams to new casinos.

Chris Fairclaw, stakeholder engagement manager at BCLC, explained that Gateway’s casino is about supplying millions of dollars to the local economy. He mentioned that casino gambling can boost regional economic growth by bringing big tax revenues to the government. 슬롯

Responsible gambling has become an important issue whenever a new casino project is being discussed.

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