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Oh My Girl’s YooA hopes to one day be known by her real name

YooA of girl group Oh My Girl [WM ENTERTAINMENT]

It’s common for K-pop artists to be better known by their stage name rather than their real name, especially if a group becomes popular for its music rather than its individual stars. Such is the case of girl group Oh My Girl’s YooA, who is known as just that — YooA of girl group Oh My Girl — rather than by her real name, Lyu Si-ah.And it’s not just when she’s on television: Her past two solo albums were also released under the name YooA, as well as her newest and first single “Borderline,” set for release today at 6 p.m. She had always wanted to be known as Lyu Si-ah, but being called Oh My Girl’s YooA is actually “a reminder of how lucky” she is, according to the singer. “I would be lying if I said I never felt that; I’ve always wanted to use my real name ever since my debut,” YooA told local reporters when asked whether she wanted to use her real name for her solo career, during an interview held ahead of the music’s release at a cafe in western Seoul.“But I was given the name YooA, and by living as Oh My Girl’s YooA, I’ve come to realize what a grateful title this is. There are so many people who debut with their own hopes and dreams in this industry, but that chance really just doesn’t come that often. I know how lucky I was to have people recognize who I am, so 토토사이트 YooA of Oh My Girl is a name that I’d love to keep on hearing in the future.”

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