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Lee Hae-in “Expression of affection between lovers” vs. victimized athlete “Bewildered by other’s actions”

Lee Hae-in (19, Korea University), a former Korean figure skating women’s singles national team member, was banned for three years for drinking alcohol and sexually harassing a minor junior athlete of the opposite sex during an overseas training camp. The claims with the victim are conflicting.

Lee Hae-in claimed that she was dating her junior player and that it was an expression of affection that can only occur between lovers. On the other hand, victim A acknowledged her relationship, but said she was very embarrassed when the act that led to the disciplinary action occurred.

Lee Hae-in, along with another female singles player B, was referred to the Korea Skating Federation’s Sports Fair Committee after being found drinking at her lodgings during the figure skating national team training camp held in Varese, Italy from May 15 to 28.

The Skating Union found that, in addition to drinking, there was sexual harassment during the investigation.

Based on the results of its own investigation, the Skating Union held a Sports Fairness Committee meeting on the 20th and decided to suspend Lee Hae-in for three years, saying that in addition to drinking,

Lee Hae-in sexually harassed A. Another female singles athlete B, who drank with Lee Hae-in, was suspended for one year, saying that she took sexually uncomfortable photos without Lee Hae-in’s consent and showed them to A. 슬롯사이트

A minor was reprimanded, judging that visiting the dormitory of an athlete of the opposite sex violated the intensive training regulations. A week after the Skating Union’s decision to impose a heavy disciplinary action, Lee Hae-in revealed that she was the person involved and took action. On the 27th, Lee Hae-in’s legal representative, attorney Kim Ga-ram, stated, “Lee Hae-in never sexually harassed A. They were in a relationship,” and “Since they broke up once due to their parents’ opposition, Lee Hae-in did not inform the Skating Union that she was dating the athlete in question. The federation did not know that the two were in a relationship, so they misunderstood the facts.” Lee Hae-in also explained through her social network service (SNS) account, “I deeply regret drinking alcohol. However, it is not true that I sexually harassed a minor.” She added, “A was my boyfriend when I was in high school. We broke up due to my parents’ objection, but I started dating A again during this training camp, but I didn’t want my parents to know, so I decided to keep it a secret.” She also emphasized, “I thought it was just a joke or an expression of affection that a couple can have, but I never imagined it would lead to such a misunderstanding.” Later, A’s side also released a statement. A’s legal representative, attorney Son Won-woo, released a statement that afternoon, saying, “Lee Hae-in and A dated from July to early October 2023, but broke up after Lee Hae-in notified them of her breakup. The two athletes met again 2-3 days after the national figure skating team’s training camp in Italy began in May 2024,” admitting that they were dating at the time of the problematic behavior. He continued, “A tried to avoid meeting Lee Hae-in as much as possible, but Lee Hae-in called her to his dorm to talk. Lee Hae-in suggested that they meet again, and A said that they would do so the next day,” explaining the circumstances of his visit to the opposite-sex dorm. However, Attorney Son stated, “During the training period, A visited Lee Hae-in’s room, and the act that led to Lee Hae-in’s alleged sexual harassment occurred. A was very embarrassed and shocked, and immediately left the room.” After completing the training and returning to Korea, A thought that it was not right to continue meeting Lee Hae-in, so she told her parents about this and informed them of the breakup. Attorney Son added, “After that, Lee Hae-in suggested that we ‘have a secret relationship,’ and A accepted. While they were having a secret relationship, she asked about the situation during the overseas training from time to time, and inquired about the situation at the time in order to collect evidence and respond to the incident afterward.” “When A realized this, she was greatly shocked mentally. It is difficult for her to train, and she has started psychiatric treatment.” The two sides have somewhat different opinions on the sexual harassment that led to Lee Hae-in’s severe punishment, and the situation is turning into a battle over the truth. B, who received a one-year suspension, said, “I reflect on drinking during the training period, but it is not true that I took a photo that caused sexual discomfort and showed it to someone else.” He also emphasized, “It is true that I took a photo of Lee Hae-in, but I did not take it secretly. It was not a situation that could have caused sexual discomfort, and I never showed it to A.” Regarding this incident, the Korea Skating Union reported Lee Hae-in and another female athlete B to the Sports Ethics Center. On the other hand, Lee Hae-in and B have filed a retrial with the Sports Fair Committee of the Korea Sports Council, their superior organization. 카지노사이트


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