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“The kiss mark is my fault” Lee Hae-in reveals text messages from sexual harassment victims

Lee Hae-in, a national female figure skater who was suspended for three years for sexually assaulting a junior while drinking during a training camp, has revealed the conversations she had with the victim. On

the 27th, Lee Hae-in revealed the text message history she had with victim A on her Instagram. She emphasized that she was in a relationship with the victim and appealed her grievances.

The photos show conversations from May 21 and May 24. She explained the photos as “the day we decided to start dating again” and “the day the teacher saw the kiss mark.”

Looking at the conversation from May 21, the victim, Player A, said, “If someone else asks if we’re dating again, just say we’re not dating,” and Lee Hae-in replied, “But you’re still mine, forever.” The two called each other “honey” and “darling” as they talked.

In the conversation from May 24, Player A said, “Can we try not to meet here and meet when we go to Korea? I feel like my life would be over if I didn’t exercise and had a hickey here,” and added, “But I was wrong about the hickey, so it’s natural that I should take responsibility.” 슬롯사이트

Lee Hae-in replied, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done it even if you asked me to. I’m an adult,” and added, “I was short-sighted. I understand everything you said. Let’s just not meet.

Player A asked, “When I said we shouldn’t meet, I didn’t mean we should break up, I meant we shouldn’t see each other. Do you mean that too? You’re not saying we should break up, are you?” Lee Hae-in replied, “That’s not what I meant. We’re never breaking up. Don’t worry.” The photos have been deleted. Meanwhile, on the 27th, Player A’s legal representative stated in a statement, “The two players dated for about 3 months in 2023 and then broke up.” “The victim tried not to meet Lee Hae-in after that, but Lee Hae-in called her to the dorm last month during overseas training and suggested that they meet again, so she said that they would do so the next day.” She continued, “The act occurred on the day she visited Lee Hae-in’s room, and the victim was very embarrassed and shocked and immediately left the room.” “After returning from training, she told her parents about the incident and notified Lee Hae-in of the breakup, but in the middle of this month, they started dating again following Lee Hae-in’s suggestion to ‘date in secret.'” Player A’s side stated, “Lee Hae-in asked about the situation during the overseas training while they were dating in secret, and asked about the situation at the time in order to collect evidence and respond later.” “The victim, who realized this, was shocked and began psychiatric treatment.” 파칭코 종류


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