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Korean celebs try their hand at ordinary jobs to break free from stereotypes

Actor Choi Kang-hee sets out to deliver newspapers. Captured from YouTube

Celebrities are increasingly taking on ordinary jobs for various TV shows, ranging from delivering newspapers to working as amusement park attendants in a dramatic turn within the Korean entertainment industry.This trend, showcased on platforms like YouTube and various TV programs, highlights a shift toward what’s being termed as “multi-life” content, where celebrities live like “everyday people.”Actor Choi Kang-hee recently delivered newspapers in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province, starting her shift at 1 a.m., meticulously inserting flyers into newspapers and then distributing them to apartment complexes.Her efforts were documented on her YouTube channel, where she also tried her hand at other jobs, like selling fish in a market and delivering yogurt.Choi, nearing 30 years since her debut, expressed a desire to explore what other careers she might be suited for beyond acting.”I wanted to see what I could do besides being a celebrity, and I wanted to at least try it,” she said.Starting with dishwashing at a barbecue restaurant, she worked from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., earning 10,000 won per hour for three months.

Choi also hosts the radio program “Choi Kang-hee’s Film Music” on CBS, balancing her life as an entertainer and part-time worker. In another striking example, actor Park Bo-gum sang “Amazing Grace” on the streets of Dublin, Ireland. Undercover as a local with a pseudonym, he explored a completely different lifestyle as part of the upcoming JTBC entertainment program “My Name is Gabriel.”The show’s concept involves celebrities living someone else’s life for three days, including their job and social interactions.This emerging genre of entertainment is not just a departure from the usual glamorous lives of celebrities but also a response to the fatigue of overly intrusive reality shows that focus heavily on the personal lives of stars.While the program “Real Life Experience” (1993-2012) focused on showing celebrities engaging in everyday work to emphasize the importance of work, modern “multi-life” content goes beyond just replacing someone at their job — it explores entirely new ways of living.This shift resonates with a trend where the frustrated younger generation, echoing the sentiment “this life is ruined,” actively consumes stories of reliving the past in popular culture, fostering fantasies about alternate lives. Celebrities are no exception to this cultural phenomenon.Former mixed martial arts fighter Kim Dong-hyun, who participated in a variety show, tried his hand at pulling a rickshaw in Hanoi, Vietnam.Producer An Jae-min shared the inspiration behind these ventures, saying, “The idea started from the desire to live a completely different life, a wish 카지노사이트킹 born out of tiredness from repetitive daily routines.”

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