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Kim received the highest rating for shutting down Manchester United

Min Jae Kim (27, Munich) received the highest rating for shutting down Manchester United.

Sky Sports released the ratings of Bayern Munich players after their 1-0 victory over Manchester United on Sept. 13 (ET). Kim Min-jae was the highest-rated player with a rating of 8.

Bayern Munich defeated Manchester United 1-0 in the sixth match of Group A of the 2023-2024 UEFA Champions League at Old Trafford in Manchester, England, at 5 a.m. on Wednesday.

Munich, who have already qualified for the round of 16 as group leaders, finished the group stage unbeaten with 16 points (five wins and one draw). United, on the other hand, finished bottom of the group with four points (one win, one draw, and four losses) and were eliminated.

After dominating possession, Munich opened the scoring in the 25th minute through Kingsley Coman. Picking up the ball in front of the box, 바카라사이트 Coman moved smoothly, exchanging passes with Leon Goretzka and Harry Kane before breaking into the box, collecting the ball and calmly slotting it home. The match ended in a 1-0 victory for Munich.

Kim started the game and played the entire match alongside Dayo Upamecano, completing 94% (83/88) of his passes, taking one shot, making five passes into the attacking area, making one tackle, two clearances, one interception, and recovering five balls.

Sky Sports gave him a rating of 8. This was the highest rating for both teams.

Alongside Kim were Kingsley Coman, who scored the winning goal, and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, who kept a clean sheet.

The same can be said for British media outlet 90min. They gave Kim the highest score.

“A wonderful performance from the South Korean international,” they wrote, “a reward for United’s failure to sign him last summer,” referring back to his transfer speculation in the previous transfer window.

Since joining SSC Napoli for the 2022-2023 season, Kim has emerged as one of the best defenders in the league. Munich quickly joined the race to sign him after the end of the 2022-2023 season. Manchester United were the first to make an active move, but Munich were the final winners. 90min reiterated this point and highlighted Kim’s performance.

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, Munich faced Eintracht Frankfurt in the 14th round of the Bundesliga on September 9th and suffered a 1-5 defeat. The defense completely collapsed, conceding three goals in the first half alone. Kim Min-jae was also to blame as he was out of sync with his teammates. In particular, the Bavarians kept allowing breakthroughs on the right flank, where Upamecano was guarding. Kim Min-jae tried to help out, but he could only do so much. The offside trap was also repeatedly breached, leaving the defense in a critical position.

What a difference a game makes. As Sky Sports and 90min noted, Kim played the entire game and completely shut down the United offense, 사설토토 with United striker Rasmus Hoilearn in particular unable to do anything in front of Kim’s defense. It only took one game for Kim to redeem his reputation.


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