Monday, 24th June 2024

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Jeollanam-do announced on Feb. 2 that it has taken measures such as installing netting and deploying safety personnel in response to some concerns about the safety of residents due to the opening of a detour forest road during the expansion of Naju Mo Golf Course.

In a briefing, a provincial official pointed out, “In the process of expanding nine holes, Naju Mo Golf Course is opening a bypass forest road as the existing forest road (total extension of about 3 meters) is accommodated within the golf course site, but some sections are close to the golf course and there is a risk of hitting accidents for residents using the forest road.” In response, the province ordered the golf course to install a net of appropriate height to prevent golf balls from crossing into the forest road in a section of about 80 meters, and to post one safety guard.

“The golf course requested conditional registration ahead of the completion of the nine holes in March next year, and since the facilities are sufficiently equipped, the province granted conditional registration in September in accordance with the relevant laws, and the nine holes are being used by internal customers,” the official said. The official added, “Some people have pointed out the risk of safety accidents due to the steep slope of the golf course.” “As safety is our top priority, we will strictly apply the formal registration process at the provincial 토토사이트 level separately from Naju City’s completion approval in March next year.”


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