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Jeju Island tightens casino regulations

The nation’s casino industry has grown steadily over the past few years, and Jeju Casino has played an important role in this growth because Jeju Island is close to the Chinese border and provides free visas to Chinese tourists. Korea’s gambling law allows only foreigners to play in casinos there. The only exception in the country is allowing local residents to gamble at remote Kangwon Land casinos in the country’s interior.

Authorities in Jeju Island have decided to impose stricter regulations on casinos that allow foreigners to enter, and the island said it will include a new bill that calls for them to be more transparent and stricter in their policies and procedures.

The new bill is expected to go into effect early next year and will require casinos to make many changes, including implementing a permit system in restricted areas such as game console storage and computer rooms at the foreigner-only casino resort. Casinos will also be required to use only legitimate game products and services on premises and to install more security cameras to reduce the number of blind spots in casinos.

Casinos will also need to be more transparent about this transaction, and now they will need to calculate their daily earnings, install electronic game tables, sell poker chips only on the game tables, and provide serial numbers for each game contract. Foreigners visiting the casino will now be obliged to provide their name, passport number, nationality, passport expiration date and visit date to casino employees.

Koreans with special permission to enter foreign-only casinos should also provide their casino employees with identification information. All foreigner-only casinos must store this information and keep up to date.

The reason why Jeju Island is strengthening its investigation is attributed to the recent increase in casino-related crimes. Authorities arrested more than 100 Chinese people who illegally gamble at Jeju casinos. Domestic police also arrested five casino employees suspected of embezzling 5 billion won from Jeju casinos , and arrested two on charges of money laundering after it was reported that they transferred 63 billion won from China to Korea. Authorities have arrested a Chinese man suspected of gambling in a casino after killing a Chinese woman on Jeju Island .


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