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“I want to make 3-point shots a long time.”

Sangmyung University is preparing for the season after going abroad for the first time in a long time. One of the reasons for choosing Japan as a training site is the growth of guards. They want guards to gain growth momentum through practice games against Japan, which has good personal skills and speed. On top of that, it will be even better to develop their ability to cope with Japan’s press.

“It’s my first overseas training,” said Woo Jeong-woo (174 centimeters), a sophomore. “I was excited to go to Japan when I arrived at the airport. I was excited to go to Japan, and I was excited at the first practice game,” he said. “Since I have a training session in the morning and a practice session in the afternoon, I will endure it with the mindset that I will endure it. I am equally tired during training, but afterwards, I am happy to enjoy Japanese culture,” he said.

There will also be things you feel through practice games with Japan.

“Playing practice matches against Japanese teams faster than Korea helps advance guards grow,” Wi said. “Overall, Japanese players replace a lot of them, and they stick to press throughout the match. That’s why I think I’ll be able to overcome the pressure easily when press is applied in Korea. I think my physical strength has improved, and the defense of the advance guards has improved as well.”

“I didn’t try to shoot at the 3-point shot opportunity last year, but the Japanese players shoot every time they have a good success rate,” he said, adding, “I also want to take advantage of that opportunity to make 3-point shots my long-term.”

Last year, Wi Jung-woo played an average of 24 minutes and 42 seconds in 12 games in the college basketball league, recording a success rate of 7.0 points, 2.9 rebounds, and 3.4 assists with a success rate of 24.1% (7/29).

“There were more matches that were disappointing than satisfactory ones. When I did well and when I did not do well, my ups and downs were huge. If I do well, I will do better because I am excited, but once I make a mistake, I regret that I came out in a row,” said Wi. “It was okay to release him when he couldn’t score a goal, and in the match against Chosun University and Korea University, he played a role of releasing him when he felt suffocated. He only did well in winning matches,” he reflected on his freshman year at college.

In the final game against Korea University in the College Basketball League last year, Wi had 16 points, three rebounds, and two assists, contributing to the 68-67 victory. Korea lost to Sangmyung University and missed the championship.

“Korea University is tall, so I tried to play mainly to save the outside world. I liked the first attack, so it was good to actively try the attack,” Wi Jung-woo recalled.

There are four freshmen at Sangmyung University: Park In-seop (178cm Yeosu Hwayang High School), Lee Kang-san (183cm Gunsan High School), Choi Jung-hwan (197cm Naksaeng High School), and Dur Mate Heinix (192cm Bridgeport Academy).

“Park In-seop is a smart and smart guard. If he plays with great energy, he will do better. Lee Kang-san will also help a lot in defense and contribute to changing the flow of the game,” Wi said. “Choi Jung-hwan has a short pitching ability, but he will grow further if he plays with his strength. If he gets used to Korean basketball, no one will stop him,” Drew complimented the freshmen.

“What I lacked last year was that when I started making mistakes, I tend to keep doing it. Among the previous guards, I’m a second grader, but I think I’m a senior, so I have to try to reduce each mistake,” Wi Jung-woo said. “I personally am a short guard, but I hope this year will be a year to show my skills, and as a team, I want to play a lot of games and assist a lot.”


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