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Its Jeong Sang-bin, Who Overcame the Difficulties of Living Abroad

Jeong Sang-bin, Who Overcame the Difficulties of Living Abroad, said, “I have Improved… I want to go to the Olympics”

Jeong Sang-bin (21, Minnesota United), a striker for the U-22 national soccer team who moved from Europe to the United States and is currently playing on the international stage,

dreams of participating in the Paris Olympics next year, saying that living abroad while overcoming difficulties is a stepping stone for growth.

Didn’t hide it.

Jeong Sang-bin

Jeong Sang-bin attended the U-22 national team training held at the Changwon Soccer Center on the 5th and met with reporters,

saying, “It’s been a long time since I joined the national team. 카지노사이트위키

“I think it is a really important competition as it is the start of the Olympic qualifiers, I want to get off to a good start by being on a team with all the players,” he said.

He played well for Suwon Samsung in the K League 1 and was selected to the senior national team, but he has faced ups and downs since advancing to Europe last year.

Due to this, he was not called up to the age-group national team for a while,

but was included in the 2024 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-23 Asian Cup preliminary list.

After being recruited by Wolverhampton of the English Premier League (EPL), he was immediately loaned to Swiss Grasshopper, but suffered a series of injuries.

Minnesota United

Due to the aftermath, he was unable to play many games, left Switzerland in March of this year to wear the uniform of Minnesota United in MLS.

In Minnesota, he has played in 17 MLS games this season, recording 1 goal and 1 assist, and is melting in as he participates in the cup competition.

Jeong Sang-bin said, “After leaving Suwon, the whole situation was very difficult.

I couldn’t play much in Switzerland and got injured a lot.”

He added, “I met good people and received many opportunities when I went to the United States, so I think the situation changed a lot.”

“I felt this a lot while watching the national team members, but living abroad is really difficult.

Being alone and communicating with the language were the most difficult,” he said.

“think I made some progress through that life.

I also gained a lot of experience in terms of my soccer skills .”

“I did it,” he said.

Lionel Messi

MLS, where he works, has recently been receiving a lot of attention due to the addition of the ‘god of soccer’ Lionel Messi (Inter Miami).

Jeong Sang-bin said, “It’s not that Messi became active, but MLS was a very big market even before that.

I already thought positively about it, so I went without much worry,

I’m living in a much better environment than in Switzerland.”

He added, “I had the opportunity to play on the other side with Messi.”

“If there is, it will be a different experience,” he said.

U-22 National Team

Now is the time to focus on the U-22 national team.

The U-22 national team he belongs to will play three AFC U-23 Asian Cup preliminary matches

at the Changwon Soccer Center from the 6th to the 12th.


It is the first gateway to the Paris Olympics.

Jeong Sang-bin said, “The Olympics is not an easy competition,

it is a place that all athletes think of as their ‘dream stage.’

I am also making a great effort to step on that stage in any way possible.”

He added, “The coach told me to play aggressively and aggressively,

to play off the “They put a lot of emphasis on movement on the ball,

so we will continue to work on those things,” he said emphatically.

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