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Its Coach Lee Seung-yeop was Eliminated after losing 14 runs

Doosan Bears coach Seung-yeop Lee expressed his feelings about being eliminated in his fall baseball debut.

of the wild card decision against NC Dinos of the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO Postseason’ held at Changwon NC Park on the 19th. 

Doosan, ranked 5th, had already entered the wild card series with one loss, so if they lost just one game, they would be immediately eliminated.

As the trusted first starter, Kwak Bin, collapsed, the mound management calculation was completely messed up. 

Starting pitcher Kwak Bin hit a grand slam by Seo Ho-cheol in the 4th inning and allowed back-to-back home runs to Kim Hyeong-jun, allowing 5 runs on 4 hits (2 home runs), 3 walks, 4 strikeouts, and 3 walks in 3⅔ innings.

The bullpen, which was exhausted from fighting for the rankings until the end of the season, completely collapsed on this day.  카지노사이트

Kim Myung-shin (⅓ innings – Lee Young-ha (1 run, unearned run) – Choi Seung-yong (1 inning) – Kim Kang-ryul (⅓ inning, 2 runs) – Jeong Cheol-won (⅔ inning) – Hong Geon-hee (⅔ inning, 6 runs) – Lee Byung-hun (⅔ inning) pitched next.

The batting lineup produced 14 hits, including multiple hits by Kim Jae-ho, Jose Rojas, Kim Jae-hwan, Kang Seung-ho, and Kim In-tae, scoring 9 runs, but there was nothing they could do about the collapsed mound.

A year has ended. Thanks to our players, we were able to play fall baseball like this. 

I placed 9th last year, so I started preparing last fall and decided that my first goal would be to play fall baseball, and I came this far. 

Although it was initially successful, it was very disappointing that fall baseball ended after just one game.

It was good in the beginning, but Joo-haeng Jo’s batted ball was caught well by Kim Joo-won in the beginning. 

It’s a shame we couldn’t get away with a 4-0 score there. (

Kwak) Bin pitched well and hit a grand slam, and then hit back-to-back home runs, turning the tide. 

Still, we chased after them well, but the pitchers who came behind seemed to have run out of steam.

Looking back on this season, there were many weaknesses in the batting lineup. 

Since the overall team batting average, RBI, and runs scored are at the bottom, it seems like the pitchers have had a difficult season. 

I think this is a season where pitchers are under pressure and think that if they give up a run, they will lose, so there is a lot of physical and mental fatigue. 

We first need to think about how to use our weak batting lineup to play aggressive baseball next year, and both Jeong Cheol-won and Kim Myung-shin pitched a lot this year. 

There were two pitchers who were that trustworthy. Next year, rather than giving too much importance to such players, we plan to spread out the pitchers and prepare pitchers who will pitch behind them by next year’s exhibition game to avoid overloading them.

Young pitchers. I think Kim Dong-ju and Choi Seung-yong will pitch better next year. 

I don’t know if I will start as a starter again next year or as a middle pitcher. 

Choi Seung-yong threw a good ball, so we look forward to him next year as well. 

The players, many of whom are younger than expected, performed worse than expected. 

If younger players step up, it will be a source of energy. 

Next year, I will have to immediately create power resources.

There were many happy times. 

Thanks to the players, we won a lot, and even though we played fall baseball, we had a winning percentage of over .500.

 I think I’ve gained confidence that I can go even higher next year, even if it’s just a little bit.

 After working with our players for a year, I always seemed to treat them with a smile, without any major incidents or bad days.

 As coaches, we believe that it would be good for players to have fun playing baseball, and baseball is played by players. 

I thought that if I came out and had a hard time or something bad happened, they would always give me a break. 

I want to become a leader who allows players to talk about such things. 

It was difficult, but I think I had a good time with the players. I have some shortcomings, so I think I will make up for them during the fall and off-season and go to a higher place next year.

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