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Its Romero Complains of Ankle discomfort Should I Look at the Diamond

The news of Christian Romero’s injury was ‘bad news’ for Tottenham Hotspur fans. 

You will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it is not a major injury.

The national team is an honorable position, but the international match period is also a time of fear for each club. 

The reason was that players often came back injured or experiencing physical problems. 

Teams with thin squads view international matches with even more concern. 

The same goes for Tottenham Hotspur. 

They are ranked first in the Premier League (PL), surpassing Manchester City, but their squad is very thin.

Son Heung-min suffered an injury and was heartbroken. 

Son Heung-min, who is currently scoring 6 goals, was said to be suffering from groin discomfort even before he was called up for the international match. 바카라사이트

He went to Korea, barely trained, and missed the game against Tunisia, causing Tottenham fans to worry. 

He played in the match against Vietnam, but Tottenham fans looked worried again as he played more minutes than expected and complained of an injury.

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann said, “Son Heung-min wanted to play, and he said it was okay even during the game, so we continued to let him out.” 

Son Heung-min also said that he played with his own will and emphasized that there was no major problem with his physical condition. 

The return of a healthy Son Heung-min is expected to be a great help to Tottenham, who are short on offense due to consecutive injuries to Manor Solomon and Ivan Perisic.

Next was Romero. Romero, who was called up to the Argentina national team, reportedly suffered an ankle injury in the match against Peru. 

In the match against Peru, Romero was replaced after suffering an injury. 

Britain’s ‘The Athletic’ highlighted, “Romero suffered a blow to his ankle immediately after halftime and was replaced.

He is scheduled to return to London and receive a diagnosis from Tottenham’s medical staff.”

Romero is taking full responsibility for Tottenham’s rear with a more developed defense than last season. 

It was also positive that he showed good chemistry with the new member, Mickey van der Pen. 

All media outlets praised Romero’s tremendous defensive ability and performance. 

It is safe to say that he is currently the leader of Tottenham’s defense. 

If Romero is out due to injury, Tottenham should consider starting Eric Dier. 

The reality is that Tottenham has no reliable center backs other than Romero and Van de Pen.

There doesn’t seem to be any use for diamonds. 

Romero said through Argentina’s ‘La Vose’, “The reason I was substituted at halftime against Peru was because there was an important home game against Fulham.

Argentina can show their best performance no matter who comes in.” 

Britain’s ‘Football London’ said, “The replacement of Romero was a precautionary measure.

The prevailing view is that he will be able to play against Fulham,” and “Tottenham will play the Fulham game with two more days off than other PL teams.

It will be helpful for Romero.” He said.

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