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Is a representative social contribution activity of the Korean horse society using horses.

This year, more than 150 cooperative horseback riding facilities across the country are actively targeting 3,100 Koreans. In the meantime, the pilot project promoted by the Korea Racing Authority to upgrade the project has completed the first phase of its activities.

Rehabilitation and healing horseback riding have been conducted by the Korea Racing Authority since 2006. Starting with rehabilitation horseback riding for the disabled, it is responsible for the lives and safety of the people, such as fire, correction, quarantine, and maritime police, but has expanded its scope to public interest groups exposed to high-risk stress. From 2021, it has also expanded its target to the general public to help overcome the depression caused by COVID-19. This year, “Silver Healing Horse Riding” for seniors aged 60 or older and “Family Rehabilitation Horse Riding” involving all families along with children with disabilities were operated on a trial basis.

Silver Healing Riding was held at the Korea Racing Authority Healing House Education Center in Gwacheon. Since May, 12 senior participants in the program have learned how to interact with horses eight times. Coach Shin Jung-soon of the Korea Racing Authority prepared a curriculum that gradually builds communication between people and horses, such as observing horses’ facial expressions and behavior, grooming, and dragging. Participants, who were even awkward to touch, rose to the level of walking side by side with horses in three weeks. Participants who learned how to groom a passenger horse and how to use equipment one by one were able to climb the horse themselves in the sixth week. At the end of July, instead of riding a horse, participants shared their last communication with the horse’s favorite shower and hair care.

Participants in silver healing horseback riding showed improved confidence through new challenges and learning as well as emotional stability through communication with horses. It also showed the effect of improving muscle strength and physical strength through constant physical activity. Based on this pilot project, the Korea Racing Authority plans to upgrade the program so that the elderly can safely enjoy horseback riding as a new leisure.

New attempts have also been made on rehabilitation horseback riding, which provides recovery through words to those with physical and mental disabilities. In this rehabilitation horse riding pilot project, the scope of participation was expanded from the existing disabled to their families. The plan is to heal the disability with rehabilitation horseback riding, while making it an opportunity for all family members to make pleasant memories and relieve some of the stress of caring.

A total of five people, two families, participated in the first pilot project. Lessons by each family were held eight times over an hour per session. Families who were watching to see if our child would fall off the horse also took part in the demonstration project.

Starting in September, the Korea Racing Authority will host the second phase of silver healing horseback riding and family rehabilitation horseback riding. An official from rehabilitation and healing horseback riding said, “It is regrettable that we cannot serve many families and senior citizens because we are still in the stage of a pilot project, but we will do our best to expand the project in more places through in-depth research.” 토토사이트

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