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“I never knew I would play with my idol”

A female volleyball player who has special relationship with Kim Yeon-koung, 36, will come to Korea. Tutku bourgeois Yuzgenk, 25, who played for Fenerbahce in Turkiye during the 2021-22 season, will play in the uniform of Heungkuk Life Insurance in women’s volleyball.

Heungkuk Life Insurance selected Tutku with the sixth pick in the foreign player draft held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates on the 10th. Tutku, who represents the Turkiye national team, is a 1m91cm tall right-handed apogit striker. He ranks 10th (4.28 points) in points per set during the 2019-2020 season when he played for Karayolan in Turkiye.

The bourgeoisie was actually chosen as the last one, as the No. 7 Hyundai E&C re-signed MOMA Basoko, the MVP of the championship. He said, “I was looking forward to it, but I wasn’t sure. I’m really happy to go to Korea.”

Heungkuk Life remained in second place for the second consecutive year even though it had Kim. It was regrettable that the foreign player’s strength did not support Kim. As such, Tutku’s performance from next season is important. Tutku said, “I’m embarrassed to talk about myself, but I play volleyball when I think about it. I’m also confident in hitting him above the block.” Officials from other teams also said, “He’s not very powerful, but he makes fewer mistakes and his skills are stable.”

Tutku welcomes her more to Korea because she can play with her favorite senior player, Kim Yeon-koung. She played for Fenerbahce for six years from 2011 to 2017. Tutku said, “It is like a dream to play with Kim Yeon-koung, who was an idol. I have seen her play in Fenerbahce before. I can’t explain how she feels. I don’t think I will be able to speak well if I see her in person.”

He also met Marcello Avon Danza as an opposing team in the Turkiye League. Avon Danza said, “I know him well. I think he will be a great help to the team.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance has reorganized its power ahead of the next season. Except for Kim Yeon-koung and Kim Su-ji, all of its key players are expected to change. Lee Ju-ah transferred to IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, and Libero Kim Hae-ran retired. The player in the Asian quarter also changed to middle blocker Hwang Ru-rey (1m96cm).

Heungkuk Life transformed itself into a “tall corps.” Avon Danza plans to use Park Hye-jin (1m77 centimeters) as the main player. Except for Kim Dae-eun (1m80 centimeters), the outside heater, the players are all taller than 1m88 centimeters. The average height of the six main players except Libero is 1m87.3 centimeters, the tallest in the V-League.

Meanwhile, Pepper Savings Bank picked former Croatian national team player Barbarra Jabic (29, 1m91cm). The second-ranked president of the association named Banya Vukiric (25, Serbia), who played for the Korea Expressway Corporation last season. The Korea Expressway Corporation chose left-handed Merelin Nikolova (21, Bulgaria, 1m83cm) instead of Vukiric. IBK Industrial Bank, the fourth-ranked, picked Victoria Danchak (24, Ukraine, 1m91cm), while GS Caltex renewed its contract with Gisele Silva, the top scorer, last season.안전놀이터 추천

In addition, as a result of the men’s draft held on the 12th, four players, Yosvani Hernandez (Korean Air), Leonardo Leyva (Hyundai Capital), Andres Villena (KB Insurance), and Mattei Kok (Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance), will return to the Korean stage.

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