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‘Do you fix the barn after losing the cow?’

Director Kang In-kwon “Sad” and Lee Jae-hak “It’s Already Past”

NC manager Kang In-kwon expressed his position on the referees’ “controversy over covering up misjudgment” against Samsung over the weekend, saying, “It’s a pity that this situation happened even though it could have been prevented in advance.”

Coach Kang met with reporters ahead of the Hanwha match at Changwon NC Park on the 16th, saying, “The personnel committee (of the referees in question) is currently being held, so I can’t tell you everything in the process,” but pointed out, “I think it’s right not to create a situation that could have not occurred.”

NC became a victim of an absurd misjudgment in the bottom of the third inning with a 1-0 lead over Samsung in Daegu on the 14th. The broadcast contained conversations that seemed to cover up the umpires’ mistakes beyond simple misjudgment. NC’s starting pitcher Lee Jae-hak threw his second fastball at Samsung’s Lee Jae-hyun batter’s box with two outs and a runner on first base in the bottom of the third inning, and referee Moon Seung-hoon declared it a “ball.”

However, ABS (automatic pitching judgment system) determined that the ball was a strike, and Kang belatedly confirmed the fact with the dugout tablet PC, filed a complaint with the referee. There is a time difference between ABS and ABS decisions being sent to tablet PCs installed on the benches of both teams.

As a result, NC’s belated confirmation that Lee Jae-hak’s second fastball passed through the strike zone and was ruled a strike by ABS was delayed. Lee had already thrown three more balls.

Four judges, including the referee, gathered to discuss the NC protest, but after the “appeal prescription” passed, it was decided that it would proceed according to the original trial. “When (ABS) voice was delivered, it was delivered to the ball,” referee Lee Min-ho said, explaining the whole story, saying, “After checking the ABS monitor, it was determined to be a strike.”

However, this was not the case. During the four-trial agreement, the referee told the referee, “Listen, the voice was clearly recognized as a ball. We’re out… That’s all I have to do.” The referee, who is supposed to be in charge of the game fairly, tried to hide the fact, even though he knew it was a wrong judgment.

As the controversy grew, KBO decided to exclude referee Lee Min-ho, referee Moon Seung-hoon, and third base referee Choo Pyeong-ho from their duties and refer them to the HR committee on the 15th. In addition, voice receiver equipment will be deployed as soon as possible so that both teams’ dugouts can receive ABS strike and ball judgments at the same time as the referee and third base referee.

“While playing ABS in the exhibition game, he continued to raise questions about the time it was sent to the tablet PC. KBO also said that it will definitely improve when the season begins,” he said. “I regret that this would not have happened if such a part had been improved early, and if the receiver to be introduced into the dugout had been introduced earlier.”

Lee Jae-hak, NC’s starting pitcher on the day, lost three runs in the bottom of the third inning alone after losing his pitching rhythm in the process of umpires’ wrong judgment and protest, and NC lost 5-12 in the end. “It’s unfortunate, but it’s already past. I will prepare for my next appearance thinking it’s only part of the game,” Lee Jae-hak said with a bitter smile.

Meanwhile, NC sent an official letter to KBO demanding an apology for the incident and appropriate action. 토토사이트 추천

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