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What is the difference between winning and losing consecutive games that coach Choi Won-ho pointed out?

Coach Choi met with reporters ahead of the first three consecutive games during the week against the NC Dinos of the “2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League” at Changwon NC Park on the 16th and talked about the team’s recent situation.

In general, the mood of the Hanwha Eagles has subsided, as the team has been mired in three consecutive losses. Notably, the team lost 2-5 at the last game (against the Kia Tigers in Daejeon on Monday), bringing its team to nine wins and 10 losses overall for this season. The team recorded a winning percentage of less than 50 percent for the first time since the season opened.

Looking back on the process, Choi pointed out a problem. “The clear difference between winning consecutive games and losing consecutive games… (In winning consecutive games), the starters threw well, and Jonathan Peraza and Roh Si-hwan hit long balls in the lineup early in the middle of the game. In the case of consecutive losses, the starting pitchers collapse early on, and the batters’ scoring ability is low until the middle of the game. In this regard, we see the difference between consecutive wins and consecutive losses,” he said.

What matters is Moon’s role as the starting pitcher. Recently, Moon allowed four runs in two consecutive games, and in his last game (against the Doosan Bears in Jamsil on Sunday), he gave up six hits (one homer) and two strikeouts, three walks and six runs in three ⅓ innings. “It’s the same for other pitchers, but it depends on how they push the button in the beginning. When he was good in Incheon (two runs in five innings against the SSG Landers on April 28), he got off to a good start, and when he struggled, he was shaken up and hit hard in the beginning. There is a difference (Moon) in his performance depending on how he handles the first inning. “Since he doesn’t have much experience, he needs to have more experience to overcome the crisis even when he’s in a bad condition.”

After losing consecutive games, the Hanwha Eagles changed its entry list a day earlier (on Saturday). Chae Eun-seong was absent from the first team’s entry due to a finger injury, and Lim Jong-chan headed to the Futures League to recover his batting pace. Pitcher Jang Min-jae and infielder Kim In-hwan filled the gap between the two players.

“(Chae) Eun-seong said during the training part yesterday (15th), ‘It is not easy to participate this week.’ I hurriedly excluded him because I was not holding the bat properly, and listed Kim In-hwan. Im Jong-chan has seen his batting pace drop. He did not play much, and he has to go to active military and play games (for his senses). In fact, last week, he had an additional fielder because of Eun-seong. Without Eun-seong, we played (Jang) Min-jae and matched the entry of the first team with 14 fielders and 14 pitchers.”

Meanwhile, Hanwha has Choi In-ho (left fielder), Peraza (right fielder), Ahn Chi-hong (designated hitter), Noh Si-hwan (third baseman), Kim Tae-yeon (second baseman), Choi Jae-hoon (pitch), Kim In-hwan (first baseman), Hwang Young-mook (striker), Lee Jin-young (center fielder), and starting pitcher Moon Dong-joo.

Hwang Young-mook is notable for starting shortstop. He has a batting average of 0.666 (two hits in three times at bat) in four games as a substitute in the middle to the second half of games so far. As it is his first start in the game since his debut, he is expected to display stable defense and outstanding batting performance as an infield commander. 메이저사이트

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