Monday, 24th June 2024

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Czech Lottery Firm Revives With Openbet’s Necton Technology

Sazuka has integrated its AI-powered solution across its lottery, sportsbook and casino products. NEXTON’S TECHNOLOGY IS FIRST LAUNCHED AFTER THE LEADER IN RESPONSIBLE GAME, PREVENTION OF MOLDINGS (AML) AND FRAUD DETECTION IN JUNE 2023 BY OPENBET

Openbet, a leading content, platform and service provider in the sports betting industry, strengthened its partnership with Sazuka after delivering NEXKTON’s gambling compliance products to Czech lottery operators.

Sazuka has integrated AI-powered solutions across lottery, sportsbooks and casino offerings. Necton’s technology was the first to be rolled out after the leader in liability gaming, anti-money laundering (AML) and fraud detection was acquired by OpenBet in June 2023.

Operating in more than 30 countries, Neccton has more than 15 years of experience in developing software and services for gaming under the leadership of industry pioneers Dr. Michael Auer and Dr. Andreas Schneeberger.

Sazka, part of the Allwyn Group, is the largest lottery operator in the Czech Republic with a leading market position in lottery and similar games. It marks the next chapter in its lottery partnership with Openbet after its sportsbook division, Sazkabet, was converted into Openbet’s sports betting technology and services in July 2022.

Jason Ayton, vice president of corporate development and strategy at OpenBet, said:

“Partnership with Sazka to integrate Neccton’s leading technology into multiple products demonstrates key reasons why Neccton has expanded its capabilities in gambling compliance. Operators want to expand their resources in this area, and since the acquisition of Neccton, they have a suite of products to meet these requirements.

“We are proud to work with WLA members and help them comply while improving their playing experience.”

Pavel Gernt, Sazka’s player protection manager, said:

“Sazuka is about fun and responsibility. In addition to complying with all laws, we take a lot of steps beyond the law. We are committed to prevention, early detection of dangerous players, and cooperation with non-profit organizations that can reach out to help.

“No matter how good an intervention strategy is, it’s not available to blind people, so we decided to implement Necton’s compliance toolkit and further improve detection quality for players at risk.”


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