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Fontainebleau Las Vegas Unveils Fontainebleau Fleur Dries Suite Collection

Fontainebleau Las Vegas Las Vegas, a 67-story resort and casino revived by Fontainebleau Development, is launching the Fontainebleau Fleur de Lis Suite collection, bringing the experience to an unprecedented height, literally figuratively luxurious. Spanning five floors above the resort tower, Fleur de Lis is the ultimate expression of Fontainebleau elegance and hospitality. Elevated with exclusive amenities and exquisite design features found only in Fontainebleau Las Vegas, the collection offers all guests a six-star experience tailored to their personal preferences while creating a sense of distance from home.

“Fleur de Lis is a new benchmark for design and custom experience in the strip, a natural extension that reflects Fontainebleau’s decades-long legacy as a leader in design, service and luxury,” says Fontainebleau Development President Brett Mufson. “In conceiving Fleur de Lis, we were inspired by the grandeur of our first hotel and set up a global team of world-class designers to privately curate all the contact points and amenities. So the experience is unlike anything else we’ve created.

“I’m proud to say Fleur de Lis is a masterpiece with the meaning behind all the details and design choices, and I can’t wait for our guests to discover what we made for them.”

The Fontainebleau Fleur de Lis experience is carefully crafted to reflect each guest’s personal preferences, giving each space a sense of familiarity and exclusivity. Suites in the collection range in size from 1,000 square feet to 10,000 square feet of penthouse, the pinnacle of luxury. Designed by renowned David Collins Studio in collaboration with John Rollins, executive vice president of design at Fontainebleau Development, this carefully designed suite features elegant moving ceilings, a transition from solid to plush floor finishes, and captivating dances with dark and bright colors.

Careful attention to detail shines with the hand-picked marble inlay, paket flooring and selected furniture pieces of Morris Lapidus Fontainebleau bow tie, the ultimate symbol and expression of luxury. Glossy brass, bronze, blackened wood, indigo stained wood, linen-textured wall coverings, glossy marble, terrazo, water ripples and star-shaped glass rods are carefully integrated to create a harmonious environment. These elements bring life to life through fascinating patterns and influences, adding depth and interest to the design.

The journey to the Fleur de Lis begins with a check-in on the ground floor designed by David Collins Studios, introducing materials and color palettes with recognizable design vocabulary flowing into the suite. David Collins, Studio Chief Creative Officer Simon Rawlings said, “The Fleur de Lis Suite is designed with a consistent theory of architectural finishes, based on the studio’s most important concept of the Las Vegas Fontainebleau – Maurice Lapidus’ iconic Fontainebleau Miami Beach property – and his new and unique interior architecture reinterpreted with direct reference to and reinterpretation of his wider architectural work.

“The concept has been enhanced for Fleur de Lis, which is full of residential feelings and an emphasis on the health of guests. The Fleur de Lis Suite, complete with private arrivals, bars and spas, is the best in luxurious accommodation. The blue palette of the waterfront and the rippled glass, reminiscent of water, subtly represent the beachside location of the original 1954 Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Each suite is a thoughtful and beautifully balanced series of rooms that continue David Collins Studio’s exploration of contrast. Chiaroscuro, compression and extension, luxurious stones and fabrics. This contrast draws guests through the suite, creating an engaging and ever-evolving guest experience.”

Upon arrival, Fontainebleau Fleur de Lis guests will be greeted with refreshing seasonal oshibori towels and a drink of their choice, followed by a private elevator to take a suite check-in and a comprehensive tour of rooms and features. Each suite has a colorful flower arrangement designed by Jeff Leatham and a personalized welcome chocolate created by executive pastry chef Patrice Caillot.

Personal valet service is part of the package and is a personal concierge service that organizes tickets, reservations, etc. in the suite. Meal options, event planning, and staffing services are readily available, making Fleur-Dries a haven of luxury and convenience. Evening butler services include thoughtful touches such as chocolate, as well as optional amenities for additional relaxation, including pillow menus, tea programs and bath butlers with options ranging from milk baths to epsom soaps. Additional comfort includes Rivolta’s custom linen, alpaca throw, geovagnara’s custom leather-wrapped Nespresso machine, custom bathroom amenities and face masks from Knesco and Dyson hair tools. The Fontainebleau Fleur de Lis experience also includes access to the Rolls-Royce private fleet for transport.

The Fontainebleau Fleur de Lis Suite Collection gives a warm welcome to all guests, including young travelers. Children receive cheerful balloon bouquets and Fontainebleau hats and T-shirts as special gifts. Fleur de Lis also offers specially designed children’s pottery, small Fleur de Lis gowns, high-quality chairs, playpens, and cots. A variety of age-appropriate board games and PS5 gaming options are also available for their entertainment.

The Fontainebleau Fleur de Lis suite collection adds to the grandeur of Las Vegas’ 3,644 beautifully decorated luxury rooms and suites.

Fontainebleau Las Vegas is set to make its global debut on December 13, 2023, pending regulatory approval. The destination resides on nearly 25 acres in the best location adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center District West Hall at the northern end of the strip. Acquired by Fontainebleau Development in 2021 in partnership with Koch Real Estate Investments, the resort will be exclusively operated by Fontainebleau Development upon opening.


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