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Casino de Montreal loves second chance in donation season

Casino de Montreal is ready for a whole new gaming opportunity that makes casinos more attractive. The Suitsuit Poker experience is sure to be a gift that continues to give with the eyes open. December 1st is set for an official launch at the casino venue in Montreal, making every Sunday and Thursday a more special poker experience.

Unlimited Texas Holdum Poker Action is one of the most popular types of events loved and appreciated by many poker enthusiasts around the world. Loto Quebec wants to give players everything they dreamed of when they enter Casino de Montreal, which will be possible thanks to the promotional game. Having a second chance at a big win is expected to attract a bunch of backers ready to try the suit.

Every Sunday and Thursday between December 1 and January 9 will be a special game event for players in Montreal and the region. This promotional game will make it possible for one of them to get a second chance at a premium casino location and some cash.

Casino de Montreal brings the spirit of the ’70s and ’80s with touching live performances
Participation rules are as simple as possible and refer to players who have processed up to five community cards of the same suit. This individual has a chance to remain after the poker event, which could give him a second chance of C$100. A dealer at Casino de Montreal will now offer a single card to all players who participate in the promotion game.

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If the traded card matches the same suit community card as previously traded, the player will immediately receive a reward of C$100. This Sunday, we will watch the first episode of this special game. This is very similar to another poker tournament that offers a second chance, OK POCKER Classic, held earlier this month.

Good luck!
It came with a guaranteed prize of 325,000 Canadian dollars, as well as a huge bad beat jackpot of a progressive nature. This kind of jackpot allows players in the poker room to share a piece of pot. The casino venue is the proud organizer of another exciting event that promises participants a huge pile of cash. Good luck again! Game Action is back in Casino de Montréal.

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The retro spirit of this game action is further amplified by the host Real Beland. The famous radio host, comedian, and Montreal native are here to revive the spirit of the forgotten era with this special event. It will bring a live show for everyone who is interested in remaining around for more as well as minor things, huge surprises. 카지노사이트먹튀

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Every Thursday and Friday until December 13th will make their dreams come true. There is a prize of about C$150,000 in various characteristics for the participants to wrap. The two-man winner will be able to pack 5,550 Canadian dollars, and the losers will be set for a total of 750 Canadian dollars. The upcoming three weeks are also hot as DJ Abbeille Gélinas is about to join Mr Béland as co-host of the fixed event.

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