Wednesday, 24th April 2024

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“I’m looking forward to being with Kim Joon-hong.”

Gimcheon, who has two players on board the Asian Games national team Hwang Sun-hong… Cho Young-wook, “I’m looking forward to being with Kim Joon-hong.”

Gimcheon Sangmu Cho Young-wook and Kim Joon-hong, who will conduct joint training on the Asian Games national team, expressed their feelings and determination.

On the 4th, the Korea Football Association announced the list of U22 national teams that will hold joint training with the Hangzhou Asian Games national team in September. At Gimcheon Sangmu, Cho Young-wook, the representative of the Asian Games, and Kim Joon-hong, the representative of the U22 were named. The convocation will be held at Paju NFC from the 7th to the 9th.

Cho Young-wook said, “It’s meaningful and I’m looking forward to going with my colleague Kim Joon-hong. “It’s a short time of three days, but I’ll have fun and come back,” he said.

Kim Joon-hong said, “I received a lot of congratulations around me. The national team represents the country, so I will take pride in it and show a good performance. “I will try to be selected as a senior national team in the future,” he said.

At the end of July, Cho Young-wook held the first domestic training session of the Asian Games national team. Cho Young-wook said, “The call-up at the end of July was short, but it was a good time to take time to work together. “Although all the members were not together, it was a time to remind the national team what to do at the Asian Games,” he said.

Cho Young-wook then said, “In this call-up, we will prepare to unite more in terms of organizational power as a team than as an individual.” It is most important to figure out what is important as a team. “We will make efforts to improve our teamwork,” he said. 토토사이트넷

Against Cho Young-wook, Kim Joon-hong is Hwang Sun-hong’s first selection. As the U23 national team is set to face the “2024 AFC U23 Asian Cup Qualifier” at Changwon Football Center in early September, the selection is a masterpiece of opportunity for the senior national team for Kim Joon-hong, who played as the main goalkeeper at the U20 World Cup.

Kim Joon-hong said, “Although I only go to training, I think it’s an opportunity to learn a lot from my seniors.” I’m looking forward to it. “I will do my best to be included in the Asian Cup qualifying list by taking good care of my team and consistently participating in games,” he said.

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