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Ball” collapsed SSG mound, ‘multi-year contract duo’ sluggish 13 runs in 6 innings

SSG was completely defeated 6-17 in Game 13 of the season against the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League KT Wiz at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 8th. On this day, the SSG mound allowed 11 sasa balls.

Moon Seung-won, who started, suffered a loss with seven hits, three strikeouts, one walk and seven runs (6 earned runs) in three innings.

Moon Seung-won faced the KT batters in the bottom of the first inning with two runs in the top of the first inning, but he had a hard time from the beginning of the game with six runs in large numbers.

He gave up a left-handed hit to the first batter, Kim Min-hyuk, and Lee Ho-yeon blocked it with a ground ball in front of the third baseman. I caught the first runner. However, he later gave up a double to left field to Hwang Jae-kyun.

Moon Seung-won stretched out his arm and put his glove on it. It became poison. The ball deflected and left the shortstop and headed toward the left fielder. With one out and runners on second and third base, Park Byung-ho lost a two-run timely hit.

Later, he gave Bae Jung-dae a walk and donated a timely left-center hit to Alford. Oh Yoon-seok lost a timely two-run double that hit the left-center fence. He then gave up a timely hit to Kim Sang-soo in the middle and allowed six runs in the first inning alone.

Moon Seung-won allowed one more run in the third inning, and the bench posted submarine pitcher Park Jong-hoon in the fourth inning, trailing 5-7. Moon Seung-won (five years 5.5 billion won) and Park Jong-hoon (five years 6.5 billion won), who signed non-FA multi-year contracts after the end of the 2021 season, took the mound one after another.

Park Jong-hoon was called up to the first division. Before the game, head coach Kim Won-hyung announced his plan to use Park Jong-hoon in the bullpen. Head coach Kim said, “The bullpen is very tired. We need a player who can throw long. “Park Jong-hoon can throw a long ball in the middle,” he said.

It has been a long time since Park Jong-hoon took the mound in the middle field since he took the mound in the Korean Series last year. This is the first regular season since October 30, 2020. However, at that time, it was Yoon Hee-sang’s retirement game, and Park Jong-hoon took the mound as the second pitcher and is recorded as a “save.” It was actually a starter.

Therefore, it will be the first time in about six years since the match against Hanwha on September 30, 2017. He pitched two scoreless innings as the second pitcher since then foreign pitcher Merrill Kelly (one run in five innings).

Park Jong-hoon gave up a double to Kim Min-hyuk, the first batter in the fourth inning, and even allowed a steal. He then gave up a sacrifice fly to Shin Bon-ki.

Although he passed the fourth inning without an additional run, he hit a timely hit by Jang Sung-woo in the fifth inning and a grand slam by Kang Baek-ho, who was a pinch hitter in the full base crisis.

Moon Seung-won and Park Jong-hoon took three innings each, but they collapsed with 13 runs (12 earned runs). Coach Kim’s worries are bound to deepen.


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