Saturday, 18th May 2024

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Search and seizure of illegal VIP rooms at hotels in Macau

Macau’s law enforcement police have arrested 19 mainland Chinese residents, believed to be behind an illegal VIP gambling house in a downtown hotel.

The criminals were also scamming potential participants to participate in the project. Macau public broadcaster TDM announced that the hotel in question is located in the NAPE area, but the name will not be released for the time being. The 19 arrested suspects who participated in the illegal activities reportedly made a full plan to run the VIP gambling house most efficiently, and each of them took on a designated role.

They were acting as dealers, security guards, VIP hosts, VIP room operators and gamblers. There were also four guests at the scene at the time of the Macau judicial police raid. Illegal activities are believed to have continued for the past two years, and judicial police have suspected and kept a close eye on them. It is very important for criminals to understand their habits when they try to catch criminals at a crime scene while they are doing illegal activities.

In this case, the conspirators have run illegal VIP gambling houses in various places in Macau, and have been very original about how to commit criminal acts. They manipulated the kadshu and transformed it into a way that would have favorable results for the house. They always made the most of the situation and gave customers less benefit or nothing. This practice cannot have consequences, and authorities have learned that something illegal is happening.

The Macao Ilbo, a Chinese-language newspaper, recently reported that a mainland Chinese resident reported the crime to the police in June this year, claiming that a VIP room was installed in a hotel room, promising a large amount of prizes and attracting gamblers. Continental residents of all ages and ages played there and tempted to try their luck, but the procedure of card shoes was useless.

At least five people are reportedly victims of the scheme and owe money to those arrested by the police. Investigations are continuing to find out if there are more people involved in the criminal scheme. Police are still looking for alleged conspirators there.


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