Friday, 17th May 2024

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Atlanta will exercise its first overall pick in 49 years.

The Atlanta Hawks won the first overall pick at the 2024 NBA Rotary lottery result announcement ceremony held in Chicago on the 13th (Korea Standard Time).

It was a miracle that Atlanta won the first place. Atlanta, which recorded 36 wins and 46 losses this season, ranked 10th in the East and advanced to the play-in tournament. Naturally, the probability of winning the first place nomination was very low. It only accounted for 3 percent.
However, the drama was created. Atlanta entered the top four with Detroit falling to fifth place, and rivals San Antonio (4th), Houston (3rd), and Washington (2nd) were called in succession, making Atlanta the final winner.

Atlanta became the first team to win the top nomination with a 3 percent or less chance since Cleveland (2.8 percent) in 2011. This is a miracle that can be compared to Chicago (1.7 percent) in 2008. In 2011, Cleveland named Kyrie Irving as its top pick, and in 2008, Chicago named Derek Rose as its top pick.

NBA’s lowest-probability record of winning the No. 1 nomination
1993 Orlando (1.52%): Chris Webber (<=>Penny Hardaway)
2014 Cleveland (1.7%): Andrew Wiggins
2008 Chicago (1.7%): Derrick Rose
2011 Cleveland (2.8%): Kyrie Irving
Atlanta 2024 (3.0%): ?

It is the fourth time in Atlanta’s history that the team has won the top spot, and the first time in 49 years. Atlanta exercised its first place nomination rights in 1952, 1955, and 1975. The highest number of recent nominations was made by Marvin Williams (2nd in 2005) and Luca Doncic (3rd in 2018 and traded to Dallas).

Meanwhile, rumors are circulating that Atlanta will start rebuilding ahead of the summer transfer market. Rumors have been circulating that it will trade its flagship player Trae Young from the middle of the season.

Now that he has been selected as the lucky No. 1 pick, he is expected to have a bigger impact on his performance. This year’s draft is considered a bad crop to the extent that it is better to say that there is no suitable No. 1 candidate, but it is not enough to pick the core of the rebuilding process. Alex Sarr (France), Zakari Lissache (France), Reed Shepherd (Kentucky), and Rob Dillingham (Kentucky) are being considered as the top candidates.메이저 토토사이트

What kind of move will Atlanta take? The surprising results of the draft rotation have made the summer transfer market even more tumultuous.

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